Types of bets you can place on football matches


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By John O’Leary

Football being a universal sport, betting on it is also very popular in all parts of the world. In fact, the football betting industry witnesses billions of pounds’ worth of punts per year. Anyone new to football betting may find it hard to determine the right place to start. Learning about the basic football bet types can help you build the right foundation for your football betting journey.

Apart from learning these bet types, you should also go through the various football betting reviews online and locate the right bookmaker for your betting needs. On to the bet types now.

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1×2 bets

By far the most commonly used and the easiest-to-learn football bet type, in this situation you’re simply required to predict the full-time result of the football match under consideration. For instance, in a match involving Chelsea and Manchester United, you might either back Chelsea to win at 4/5 odds, or MU to emerge winners at 10/3 odds. You might even be given the option to bet at 13/5 on a draw.

Double chance bets

In these bets, apart from betting on the full-time result of the football match, you’d also bet on another possible outcome, implying that you’d get a better chance of scoring a return on your bet. However, the offered odds are also low in these bets. All these different outcomes are paired in groups of twos. For instance, if Manchester United is hosting Chelsea at Old Trafford, their corresponding double chance bets might look like:

MU and Chelsea (4/11), MU and draw (8/15) and Chelsea and draw (2/5). You’d win your bet if either of the two selected possibilities comes true.


Draw no bet

This football bet removes the possibility of a draw from the equation. Hence, the bookmaker would return your bet amount if the match ends in a draw. For instance, if Arsenal is playing Manchester City, the draw no bets might look like: Manchester City (1/3) and Arsenal (9/4).

Correct score

If you are someone who has a knack for predicting the exact scores of the football matches, you could score huge wins by placing correct score bets. Let’s explain it with an example. Liverpool is playing Real Madrid at home in their Champions League game. You have a strong feeling that Liverpool would sneak out a 1 – 0 victory. This might seem like a good correct score bet to place at 7-1 odds.

Handicap bets

In handicap bets, the underdogs in the match are given a slight advantage through addition of a few extra goals/points in the final result. Majority of the football handicap bets feature a value of 1. Let’s explain it with an example.

You’re certain that Chelsea will beat West Brom in their upcoming EPL game, but 4/6 doesn’t seem like good enough odds to you. Hence, you back Chelsea at -1, at comparatively better odds of 8/5. You’d get handsome returns on your bet if Chelsea wins with a margin of 2 or more goals. There could be two other scenarios in this bet:

Chelsea wins by just 1 goal. In this case the application of handicap would result in a draw and you won’t win anything. You’d be returned your bet amount.

The match ends in a draw or a West Brom win. You won’t win in either case as the application of handicap would result in West Brom win.

To conclude, betting with the right bookmaker and using the right bet type can help you place strategic and profitable football bets. The football betting industry is going to thrive despite the recent cancellation of all FA sponsorship deals with betting companies.

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