Ander Herrera Took Over ManUtd Twitter Account for an Hour and it was Amazing



Midfielder Ander Herrera took over Manchester United’s official Twitter account for an hour yesterday and the results left no shortage of adjectives. It was amazing, informative, funny, strange and bizarrely eclectic all at the same time.

Basically it was what every single person says when you ask them to describe their taste in music/collection of what they own musically- eclectic.


Let’s go through some of the more memorable moments from #AnderHour

He made a funny revelation about David de Gea, his taste in music, and how that drives both himself and Juan Mata crazy. Read all about that over at this link.

Lots of emojis and talk of emojis-

-There was also a poll about the size of his feet, which was just plain bizarre. Hey, you know what they say about a guy with big feet…

…he wears big shoes and socks.

The Spaniard seemed rather offended that so many people thought he had such small feet.

There was also interactive challenges and giveaways

All in all, when assessing #AnderHour and the Twitter skills of Ander Herrera, I think I speak for just about everybody when I say, hey thank goodness the international break is almost over, and Man United at Liverpool is just about here.

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