Liverpool FC Fans Encounter Major Travel Problems to Kiev


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Many Liverpool FC fans are dealing with commuter nightmares as they make the trek to Kiev for the UEFA Champions League Final tomorrow night. The Reds will face Real Madrid, and the match-up of two huge brand name clubs with large devoted followings has caused a major hospitality industry ordeal. It’s something all of us can relate to, because if you’ve ever flown a commercial airline, then you know what a catastrophe it can sometimes be.

The airlines industry has really taken the shift to a fee based business model up a notch, charging excessive fees any which way they can, even if they fail to provide the most basic services that they have been entrusted with. Some Liverpool FC fans, however, aren’t even being given the chance to be gouged by pointless airlines fees or victimized by poor service, as Kiev is facing a shortage of landing slots at their two airports.

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The Ukraine metropolis failed to prepare effectively for the influx of visitors this weekend, as flights have been cancelled.

Via NBC Sports: “Travel operator Worldchoice Sports had three flights full of fans heading out to Kiev fully booked but just 24 hours before their departure, fans were told the flights had been canceled due to landing spots not being available in the Ukrainian capital on Friday and Saturday.”

The commuter problems go beyond the hassle of trying to get there too. Those that have arrived are dealing with hotel price gouging. Some rooms are going for 10 times their normal price. As the New York Times wrote

“Residents of Kiev have been so appalled by the situation that locals have been inspired to start Facebook groups offering fans free accommodation.”

It’s starting to look like UEFA really whiffed on this decision to hold the UCL Final in Kiev.

There’s also been some basic public safety issues, as The Daily Mirror has obtained footage of Liverpool FC  supporters being targeted by a gang at a restaurant close to the stadium. ESPN FC reports that two men have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Here’s to hoping that next year’s final in Madrid and the 2020 final in Istanbul go much smoother than this one has so far.

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