Forbes Names Manchester United Richest Football Club in the World



Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona, comprise a triumvirate of the three biggest football/soccer brands on Earth. The three clubs consistently compete with one another to be the richest and most powerful football club in the world. The rivalry to maintain alpha dog status is currently taking place in Los Angeles, where both United and Real have set up shop for the summer.

The two clubs are currently bickering with each other over training and hotel facilities in southern California. Today, this round in the bout for fiscal supremacy goes to United, who Forbes named the most valuable football club on the planet, and the third richest sports franchise overall.


Bravo to United Executive Vice President Ed Woodward, for guiding the club to an 11% surge in valuation, while Barca increased 2% and Real dipped 3%. Here’s the Forbes full top ten:

Rank, Team, Value, 1-Yr change (Sport)

1. Dallas Cowboys, $4.2 billion, 5% (NFL)

2. New York Yankees, $3.7 billion, 9% (MLB)

3. Manchester United, $3.69 billion, 11% (Soccer)

4. Barcelona, $3.64 billion, 2% (Soccer)

5. Real Madrid, $3.58 billion, -2% (Soccer)

6. New England Patriots, $3.4 billion, 6% (NFL)

7. New York Knicks, $3.3 billion, 10% (NBA)

8. New York Giants, $3.1 billion, 11% (NFL)

9. San Francisco 49ers, $3 billion, 11% (NFL)

9. Los Angeles Lakers, $3 billion, 11% (NBA)


United are back in UEFA Champions League this upcoming season, after missing out on the tournament in two of the past three years. Not earning the added income from UCL has obviously not hurt the club very much though, as their corporate sponsorship deals more than make up for it.

Old Trafford hold the honor of the richest outfitting deal in history, partnering with German sportswear maker Adidas. Only three more football clubs made the Forbes top 50, Bayern Munich at #15, Arsenal at #43 and #Chelsea at #46.

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