How to Create the Ultimate Sports Man Cave


Any sports fanatic will understand the dream of having the ultimate sports man cave – somewhere you can escape to every day and keep on top of your favourite sports teams. But what does every sports man cave really need? 

From comfortable seating, the latest technology, creating the right atmosphere and more. Find out exactly how to create the perfect sports den.

  1. Choose a large screen TV or a movie projector

Let’s begin with the most important factor – the screen. Whether you only have room for a free-standing TV or a full-on movie projector wall, getting the perfect screen view is key. After all, this is what it is all about. Watching your favourite sport with the best quality picture achievable. When buying a TV for sport, not only do you want to aim for colour fidelity, high definition and detail retrieval, but the way your TV handles motion is important as well. Whether you’re an NFL, cricket, basketball or football fan, the motion of the players is so important because they are constantly on the go. So always research into the motion quality and high refresh rates.

If you’d rather have a big picture rather than pristine TV quality, go all-out on a projector. As well as making you feel like you have a movie screen in your own home, a projector is great for keeping the floor space clear as well – great for when you spontaneously jump up and your drink goes everywhere! When buying a projector, consider the number of lumens. A lumen is a measure of the total quantity of light given by a source per unit of time. So the more lumens, the better, basically. And don’t forget to have a smooth, bump-free clear wall for your projector to work at its best!

2. Set the scene with a sports wallpaper mural

Mural in photo: Large Football Stadium with Lights mural

It’s not a technical must-have, but setting the scene with a cool sports wall mural will make your sports man cave one cut above the best. A football stadium, baseball pitch or a basketball court in the background will make you feel like you are really there. And because of the recent pandemic, if we can find a way to make ourselves feel like we’re sat in the crowds, we’re going to take it!

Pandemic or not, a realistic sports wallpaper will transform your spare room or garage to a sports man cave that will be the envy of all your friends. have a wide range of sports murals, available in a range of wallpaper materials. Choose from Classic or Premium Paste the Wall or Textured Peel and Stick. The Peel and Stick is self-adhesive, so no paste is needed, making it great for renters. 

3. Be the perfect host with a bar (or at least a mini fridge)

Ok. So you don’t need the excuse of hosting just to have a sports home bar. But how impressed would your mates be when they come around to watch the game with your cool bar? How ace would it be to have a fully-stocked, sleek bar to get drinks at halftime? Or you could use it as somewhere to chat whilst you discuss next year’s NFL draft. Whether you have a small space to play with or an entire basement, any sports man cave needs a drinks area. 

If you only have a corner of a room or a small space for your sports cave, why not have a go at making your own pallet bar? With recycled wooden pallets, you can create a custom-made bar that will fit into any sized space. Or if you don’t have room for this, a mini-fridge is just as good to stay stocked up on your favourite tipple!

4. Relax back in comfortable (and wipeable) seating

Make sure where you sit is comfortable when creating the ultimate sports man cave. After all, you spend a LOT of time sat down. That’s why choosing a reclining chair or a large sofa you can lie back on are the perfect choices. 

But as well as comfort, it’s handy to choose leather or other wipeable fabrics. We’ve all spilt drinks when someone has made that last-minute goal! Not only this, but when you have all your friends round, it can get a bit hot and sweaty – another reason why it’s important to keep things clean and fresh in your cave. After all, you want it to be easy to clean so that you want to spend time in there instead of avoiding it.

5. If you have the room, get a games table

If you imagine the most epic sports man cave, it will ALWAYS have a games table in it. Whether a snooker or pool table is your thing or you’ve always dreamed of having a football table, having somewhere to have a laugh with your mates is key. 

Go one step further by installing TV screens above your games table. That way you can keep an eye on the game whilst you play pool. As well as this, make sure you have a table or shelving around the games table so that you have somewhere to place your drinks whilst playing.

6. Other top tips for a sports man cave

There are SO many ways to create the best sports den. If you still haven’t found something you were hoping for, take a look below to see more inspiration…

  • Choose dim lighting to get the best impact on screen
  • Install a good sound system
  • Frame your teams shirt or signed items and display them around the room
  • Nail up some shelves to display your team’s paraphernalia or your own trophies
  • Always make sure you have snacks at hand!

In conclusion

Have you decided to buy a projector instead of making do with your old TV? Are you planning on setting the mood with a sports mural, or will you have a go at making your own pallet bar? Whatever you decide to do, we wish you many happy times in your sports man cave. And who knows, maybe it will give you some luck as well! 

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