Urban Meyer gives most BS answer ever at Media Day



Making an icon of a college football coach, having Joe Paterno bigger than life and regarded as a demigod- that’s a big reason for what happened at Penn State. Jerry Sandusky was protected by Paterno and company because the coach was revered to a super-human extent.

Just like Urban Meyer at Ohio State. Even though he just got to Columbus, the man named after a pope is treated as the Pope of Ohio. Even the Buckeyes media are complicit to this.

But one guy at Big Ten media day asked the smartest question I’ve heard all day:

Q.  There was a conversation earlier this week of culture of reverence as it pertains to the NCAA talking about how it pertains to Penn State.  You have a lot of experience in being in major college football programs, seeing a lot.  I wonder if you could talk about that, who in your life outside of your family that keeps you in check, among your assistants or your staff, make sure things don’t happen like what happened at Penn State?

COACH MEYER:  That’s a tough question.  I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.  You said reverence.  I’ve never really looked at it that way.
There’s a lot of things, if you’re asking me, personally there’s a lot of things in my life that I’ve never even approached even thinking that way.

How do I keep things in order, in check?  I think humility is one, also understanding that we’re a product of those around us, and it’s never about the head football coach, it’s about a bunch of players which is most important and second most important is a group of coaches.

There’s a clear delineation of who is in charge.  And that’s the great places I’ve been able to work and I report to someone and so there’s never the word reverence.  Reverence I’ve never really had to deal with that.  So I apologize I might not be answering your question, but I’ve never looked at it that way.


HMMMMM YEAH, RIGHT. Talk about answering the question with all cliches and b.s. I understand Meyer needs to look out for his own interests, as the Buckeye Nation is even more insane about football than PSU, but really you actually think we believe that Meyer is humble and not aware of his power? That he was grounded and full of humility while he led Florida?

This is a man that fixed drug tests to get players eligible. Meyer himself is a perfect example of the culture of reverence run amok in college sports.


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