Renaming Texas A&M Stadium for Johnny Manziel: Pros and Cons


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At a news conference held on Monday by the Texas A&M Board of Regents, board member Jim Schwertner said he would like to see the name Kyle Field (current name of the Texas A&M football stadium) revised in order to pay homage to Johnny Manziel.

(UPDATE: Browns claim Manziel won’t start right away)

“My vision is that someday I hope the Aggie nation will come together and decide that we can revise the name of Kyle Field to ‘Kyle Field — The House That Johnny Built'”

Kyle Field is currently under a $450 million renovation plan which will bring its capacity from its current 82,589 configuration to 102,500 for the 2015 season.

You see this is why when ESPN gives us wall to wall coverage of Johnny Manziel, and Tim Tebow and Lebron James for that matter. It’s actually completely warranted and justified by sports fans. 


I am not against Texas A&M honoring Johnny Manziel. After all, his success with the football program played a huge roll in loosening the stranglehold the Texas Longhorns had on the Lone Star State while leading the Aggies to national prominence. However, putting his name in the title of the stadium seems a bit much at this point.

Edwin Jackson Kyle, for whom the stadium is named after, used his own money and actually built the first Texas A&M football stadium. Being no more than a couple months removed from the team and implying the stadium is Johnny’ Manziel’s house is absurd.

While it’s true that Manziel’s popularity led to a very large amount of money being raised in a very short period of time; putting his name on the stadium greatly minimizes the success the team had the past two years. The same team that had two of Manziel’s teammates go before him in the draft. Also, Johnny Manziel only played two seasons at College Station, and although he won the Heisman, he never won the national or even the SEC title.

It’s true that Johnny Manziel made a ton of money for the school and the conference, and he didn’t see a dime of it. No royalties at all. However, that’s not an A&M issue, that’s a NCAA issue. Kyle Field can’t rectify the injustice of Johnny Manziel getting short-changed; only Mark Emmert can.


Shouldn’t stadium naming rights honors go to those who won team, in addition to individual trophies? Who played all four, or at least three years?

I can see a statue of Johnny Manziel, along with a wing or gate of the stadium named after him, but the name of one player representing the history of a program that has lead up to this point in time? No way!

And apparently, Johnny hasn’t won over former Secretary of State and Browns fan Condoleezza Rice yet.

By the way, check out Manziel’s first ever tweet. It has Texas Longhorns connections. (makes sense given his obsession with UT)

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  1. This is a joke right? How can anyone in any way connected to a university think it’s a good idea to name the football stadium after this kid.

    I can think of 50 QBs who were better in college than Manziel and, for example, there is NO Heisman Stadium at Notre Dame.

    Maybe A+M should have an honorary Manziel study hall or holding cell.

  2. Anonymous says

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The NFL is full of outstanding, beyond belief talented, football players and they all came from some college. The beat goes on.
    Leave Texas A&M/Kyle Stadium alone

  3. bleepity bblah says

    Why don’t Aggies use 911 in an emergency?

    Because they can’t find “eleven” on the phone dial.

  4. Class of '82 Ag says

    As a member of the Texas A&M class of 1982, I have to say this is potentially the stupidest idea put forth by the University since 1876, when the school was founded.

    Naming the stadium after the man who built the original A&M football stadium is appropriate. Renaming it for a man who played only two years for A&M, who never brought the team a conference or national title, who has apparently let success go to his head, and who is as yet unproven on the professional stage, is a mistake.

    Rename the field if you must, but please wait until Johnny Football® has shown us what he can do professionally, and sometime after we have a much better understanding of his character.

    –DEN ’82



  6. Food or thought?

    How many National Championships did Johnny CHOKE-JOB bring to A & M ?


  7. early cuyler says

    This story is a non-starter and worth a tiny fraction of the attention to this guy’s offhand comment. Firstly, Schwertner is not an Aggie. He’s a Tech graduate, and although he’s been a decent regent, he clearly has missed the boat on this one. I will guarantee that 100% of true Aggies polled, including Johnny, would NEVER agree to change the name of our stadium. Frankly, that’s something other schools would do. Secondly, we don’t do the “Nation” thing. It’s Aggieland or the 12th Man. The ubiquitous and nauseating “Nation” label is also for other schools, pro sports teams, and middle school girls soccer teams.

  8. This guy will be another Tim Tebow…A Flash in the pan…He will not last in the NFL ( in his case NFL stands for “Not For Long).And you are thinking about naming your stadium after a “flash in the pan”? What A Joke!!

  9. I’m willing to compromise. Let’s name one of the stadium bathrooms after Manziel…

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