Oregon, Chip Kelly have interesting response to Marijuana accusations



The Pacific Northwest has a well-deserved reputation for being one with nature. The people enjoy the fruits of nature there. Some people enjoy one specific plant, the one associated with the number 420, or 4:20 or perhaps 4-20 and that’s what today is! What a coincidence.  And some of those people may be on the Oregon Ducks football team.

A lot of them, according to the Evil Empire. ESPN the Magazine estimates between 40 percent and 60 percent of Chip Kelly‘s players use marijuana.

Kelly addressed the story Thursday following practice. The report is based on interviews with 19 current or former Oregon players and officials, and it accompanies a larger piece that looks at marijuana use among college football players nationwide.

From the AP:

‘If we had that many kids doing it, we wouldn’t be 34-6 (for the last three seasons),” Kelly said. This past season, the Ducks defeated the Wisconsin Badgers 45-38 in the Rose Bowl.

”We win because of how hard we practice, and I see our kids every day in practice,” Kelly said. ”If we saw signs of it – I haven’t seen signs of it.”

Interesting theory. Your kids don’t smoke pot because they win? I see where he’s coming from, but it doesn’t follow exactly. One thing’s for sure- the good weed is not a PED. The only performance it enhances is eating Cheetos or discussing non-existent double meanings in bad television programs and movies. But dude, the idea is just so real man….WHOAH!

However, can you make the distinction that cannabis sativa is a performance inhibitor? I’m not the one to answer this. Try Ricky Williams, see if kept a record of his personal statistics from the games he played stoned out of his mind, and the game he played sober.

I do know this though-this site is endorsed by Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly as you’ll see here

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