Notre Dame Cancels Michigan Rivalry?!?!?



Notre Dame has notified Michigan that they will be cancelling their series with the Wolverines after the 2014 season. This announcement is a result of Notre Dame’s recent deal with the ACC. The deal states that the Irish will play five football games per season vs. ACC opponents once Notre Dame moves their athletic allegiance the ACC starting in 2014. However, Notre Dame will still be considered an independent in football.

The idea that the Domers have decided to end their current relationship with Michigan is comical and sad. With Notre Dame’s five-game commitment to the ACC, seven games are left to be scheduled per season. Why is there not room for Michigan? Notre Dame has stated that they feel their rivalries with USC, Stanford, and Navy are more important to keep intact year-in and -out.

USC, I’ll give them. That is a better rivalry for Notre Dame than Michigan, but Stanford and Navy? The only reason Notre Dame values Stanford and Navy over Michigan is because they have a better chance of consistently beating them. Yes, they will consistently get beaten by USC, but again, that is a rivalry they simply could not end.

The idea that Notre Dame has to cancel ANY current rivalry because of their ACC games is laughable! They already have three ACC opponents on their schedule this season, plus Pittsburgh, who will become a member of the ACC next season.  That represents four ACC opponents this season along with USC, Stanford, Navy, Michigan, Purdue, and Michigan State. What’s the problem with that schedule? The problem is that it just has one too many threatening opponents for the Irish. Why not ditch the team that has beat you five out of the last seven meetings?

What other explanation could Notre Dame possibly have for ending a series that provides a matchup between college football’s two most storied and successful programs? The only advantage the Irish receive from this decision is that they are removing a tough opponent from the schedule.

If there has been one criticism of Notre Dame over the years, it is that they have not been “Notre Dame” since they won their last national championship in????  1988. Replacing Michigan with an opponent like Virginia or some other weaker ACC team will not add to their legitimacy.

In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. This is something Notre Dame has failed to recognize and accomplish for over 20 years. If Notre Dame wants to become a legitimate national contender again, they have to channel their inner Rockne and seek out the best opponents college football has to offer, not shy away from a great rivalry in favor of weaker opponents.


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  1. Really??? Where is the genuine fact in any of your statement. All you just gave was an angry rant about a Michigan fan upset that another team outside of the BIG 10 is tired of having their strength of schedule reduced. I give great credit to the BIG 10 they are tough, but look what happens when they travel to the SEC, BLOWOUT. PAC-12, BLOWOUT. Stanford is still a top 15 team. Navy may not have as great a record as most premiere schools but their triple option offense gives many big time teams nightmares, they are and every week trap game. The only credit to the ND UofM rivalry is that, besides the last few years when they moved to an every year meeting, the two schools met when they were in the 4th year of a rebuild and atop the rankings. Uof M has a bigger Rivalry with OSU, and MSU than they do Notre Dame. In addition the ACC is on the rise. FSU is knocking on the doorsteps missing one or two key pieces to a completely new system installed two years ago. Clemson has been a contender since Dabo Sweeny came into town. Pitt will be another one of those up and coming teams with their new spread speed offense from Dana Holgerson. Hes the man responsible for that potent attack that keeps WVU in the hunt every year. Miami under Al Golden is on the rise with one of the most dynamic pro style offenses (very few left) in college football. You can’t argue the rise of the ACC, nor can you argue the decline of the BIG 10. The BIG 10 while tough shows each time they leave the league they are too slow to compete late or play from behind. The only time a BIG 10 team wins out of league is when they control the line, the ball, and tempo of the game. They have to be able to run. Brady Hoke has done an amazing job with what he has, but what happens when Denard Robinson goes pro (as a wideout)? Its a rebuild retool scenario.

    Now think about the other NCAA Sports. What besides MSU in Basketball does the BIG 10 have to offer? Baseball is dominated by SEC/ACC teams.
    MSU has fewer rivalries than UofM does which could have been a deal struck by the two schools to leave them on the ND schedule. As for Purdue, everyone gets atleast one tune up game. You can’t count Navy for that, they’ve beaten or played to the wire against some of the best teams the NCAA has to offer. Boston College is another team that the dynamic relationship equates to a better rivalry although their program is currently in shambles.
    UofM likewise now has a unique opportunity to bring in maybe a regular PAC-12 or BIG-12 opponent that could open their market.

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