Michigan’s Denard Robinson Adjusts to New System this Fall



If you’re looking for the very definition of dual threat quarterback, look no further than Denard Robinson; the man who will be calling signals at the line of scrimmage for the Michigan Wolverines this fall. Even in his two QB role models- you’ll see one traditional classic drop back passer (Peyton Manning) and one electrifying runner (Michael Vick). It’s this duality that makes him a Hesiman trophy candidate.

But as exciting a player he is to watch, he’s just as uninteresting an interview subject. He’s fun to watch, but just never really ever has anything to say to the media. His answers are usually short and spartan.

But he’ll still provide lots of good copy this fall as the Michigan offense adjusts to a new coordinator, new head coach and new system.
It’s no longer all about the spread-option shotgun. He’ll be under-center and running a more pro style attack now.

“I was under center all the time, I didn’t get into the shotgun until my junior and senior year,” he said of his high school experience.

He was also asked if he was the best QB in this conference.

“I don’t know a lot of people look towards me for that but you have a lot of people in this conference who are pretty good,” he responded.

New Brady Hoke is very excited about the possibilities.

I can tell you, he ran the same offense in high school, which is a plus. One of the big differences is the mechanics of taking the snap from center, the footwork, the run game, the foot patterns, the play-action game. He was ahead of the curve a little bit. I think Al Borges has done a tremendous job with him. We are smart enough, which I would — people usually don’t say that about me — but we’re smart enough to have elements he does well from what he did in the past in the spread in our offense.

It’s rare to see a snap-taker with the set the edge type of speed that Denard has, but that’s a big reason The U recruited him to play DB.

“They recruited me as a corner. But they recruited late,” Robinson said of his interest from the University of Miami.

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