Michigan FINALLY ADMITS QB Shane Morris has a concussion



Of course, Michigan sent out their press release giving us an update on the health of Shane Morris at 1:02 AM EST, when 99% of their media, fans and everyone else connected to their program would be sleeping.

Of course, they tried to put some kind of Karl Rovian or Frank Luntzian language manipulation into that release.

Of course, they tried to spin the Shane Morris concussion into being something other than it was, and just ended up with nothing more than word vomit.

Of course, Brady Hoke and Dave Brandon are dead man walking. No way their jobs can survive this.

And of course #ThanksDaveBrandon


As you’ll see Dave Brandon’s statement about Shane Morris and the related issues is very Roger Goodellian: “we have plans to make plans to do stuff about some stuff at some point.” Also, it was released around the same time as the Minnesota Vikings statement on Adrian Peterson. So way to steal every page out of the NFL crisis management handbook.


Statement from U-M Athletic Director Dave Brandon Regarding Student-Athlete Health and Welfare

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