BCS Executive Director Sidesteps Justice Department


The United States Justice Department has now budded in front of the queue of the long line of BCS haters. On Wedenesday, the AP reported that Christine Varney, the antitrust chief with the department, asked the NCAA some very poignant questions in regard to why the NCAA continues to utilize the often scoffed at BCS instead of a playoff system to determine it’s Division I College Football Champion.

by Peter Christian

Varney pressed NCAA president Mark Emmert as to why college football is different to all of the other sports in the NCAA and what steps the organization has made to create a playoff system. As usual, the NCAA chief cowered away from the questions and deflected any blame by stating that the decision to move to a playoff system is up to the schools, not the body that governs the athletic endeavors of those schools.

Wait, what?

So even though plenty of schools HAVE raised the issue of desiring a playoff system, the NCAA hides away from these tough questions by putting the responsibility on the individual schools.

This would be like Barack Obama saying he’d like to eliminate the trillions of dollars of national debt, but it’s really up to the American people to make that decision. Draw your own conclusions from that comparison.

Further, once this query was posed to BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock, he responded like a true politician and ducked the issue altogether with a quote for the ages, “Goodness gracious, with all that’s going on in the world right now and with national and state budgets being what they are, it seems like a waste of taxpayers’ money to have the government looking into how college football games are played.”

As much as we, the taxpayers, appreciate your concern Bill, answer the goddamn question you slimy prick.

Hancock’s ability to sidestep the question without being further pressed is an indication that he’s either A) Extremely arrogant, B) Completely Terrified of this inquiry or  C) Both. Obviously, C is the correct answer because in order to be the Executive Director of a money grubbing entity such as the BCS one must have an obscene amount of arrogance which wafts off their person like they are wearing half a bottle of cologne  but also, this type of inquisition is something that will lead Hancock and his cohorts to being out of a job.

Ultimately, this issue will come down to an Antitrust Lawsuit which will likely be filed by Utah’s Attorney General in the coming months. That suit should scare the pants off the BCS and the NCAA, because they will lose a ton of credibility once it is publicly known how absolutely corrupt and dirty the BCS and the current bowl system is. Oh and they’ll likely lose the case as well.


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  1. paulmbanks says:

    nicely done! this is a story I will start following and writing more about this spring/summer. especially once the bulls are done.

    bill hancock is a corrupt, malfeasant horrible abuser of his own power

    and way to go state of utah for setting the pace

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