#17 Nebraska Cornhuskers: College Football 77 in 77


Welcome to The Sports Bank 77 in 77. We’re previewing one team a day everyday as the college football season approaches. And we’re doing it in rapid fire sequence. Today, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

2011 was: somewhat of a disappointment considering their preseason expectations. But a 9 win season was impressive considering their shoddy, inconsistent play. Any given week they could be losing to Wisconsin 48-17, or beating Michigan State 24-3. If they had not fallen apart against Northwestern, they would have been looking at a 10-win regular season. A few tough road losses and one they should have won gives the Huskers room for improvement in 2012.

2012 will go smoothly if: the offense and defense can do better than finishing in the bottom half of production as they did in 2011. With Taylor Martinez (QB) and Rex Burkhead (RB) returning to lead the offense, they should be tough to stop. If they can take advantage of a home game against Michigan and then roll on against Michigan State the following week, they will most likely find themselves in the conference championship game.

2012 will be rough if: the Huskers can’t muster up the ability to win the tough games when needed, something they had trouble with in 2011. If they have a tough home loss against Wisconsin and then have to travel to Columbus the next week, they could be facing a 0-2 record to start conference play. Also, if sophomore lineman Tyler Moore does not return to the team, it leaves a void that may be tough to fill. If Nebraska is not careful, this is potentially a four-loss-season.

BMOC: All the dudes I just mentioned plus Wide Receivers Kenny Bell and Quincy Enunwa. They will have to be reliable targets for Taylor Martinez when he needs them. Will Compton (MLB) will be the leader of the defense again this season.

All Name team: LB Micah Kreikemeier, WR Tyler Wullenwaber

Bottom Line: Another 9-3 record is likely. The conference schedule is pretty tough; consider a 10-2 record unlikely, but possible if they get things right.

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