St. Louis Post-Dispatch Must Hold Bernie Miklasz Accountable



Today, Bernie Miklasz did for the world of sports media what William Ligue Jr. and his son (the infamous, extremely white trash father and son duo who attacked Kansas City Royals base coach Tom Gamboa) did for Chicago White Sox fans.

This may sound hyperbolic, but when a story becomes that big, it can create an entire script or schema for a subset of people. Miklasz horribly besmirched the name of college basketball journalists everywhere.

Bernie reported that Matt Painter left the Purdue Boilermakers for the Missouri Tigers without any sources or any confirmation. Now that he’s proven to be on the total opposite side of truth, will there be repercussions for him? Where’s his retraction?

Let’s say one of my blogging brethren tried something like this. They’d be crucified and we’d all have to hear for 24 hours just how awful “new media” is and how “bloggers” are ruining the news cycle and reporting rumors instead of news. But because this is a newspaper guy doing it, not to mention one who does a radio show for The Mothership, the Evil Empire of ESPN, nothing will happen.

By Paul M. Banks


Bernie Miklasz is still employed somehow? This isn’t the first time he’s “reported” whatever he likes without substance and yet he’s still somehow a wildly respected sports reporter with almost 17,000 Twitter followers. People have the nerve to say internet media is bad…where’s the warranted critique for the newspapers?

To his credit, Miklasz did apologize on Twitter, with a series of tweets including the last two.

And I know that isn’t good enough for many of you. But my embarrassment is profound.


Something changed and I have no idea what it was. Thanks for listening.

But again you can’t “un-ring that bell.” Once you put something out there, you or your employer must be held accountable. If the rest of us have to play by the rules and report facts, not rumors as facts, then you should as well.

You can go on your radio show and back-pedal faster than a meth addict in a spinning class about this, but it doesn’t make it right.

Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports , a Midwest webzine. He’s also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, Walter, Yardbarker, and Fox Sports

He does a regular guest spot each week for Chicagoland Sports You can follow him on Twitter @thesportsbank

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  1. Rob Southern Illinois says

    You’re an idiot

  2. “Bernie reported that Matt Painter left the Purdue Boilermakers for the Missouri Tigers without any sources or any confirmation.”

    What he said was his source (unnamed) told him that Painter had called Missouri and said he was “in”. Do we know for a fact that Painter did not do that and now changed his mind?

    Now that you’ve proven that you did not report the truth, will there be repercussions for you? I hope so.

  3. Well…considering that he never had an offer from Mizzou to actually say he was “in” about…

    Well, I’ll just go ahead and say it: That shoots your whole theory to hell, doesn’t it?

  4. Do you demand a meteorologists job when he predicts snow and you don’t get any?

  5. paulmbanks says

    meteorologists rarely predict anything beyond five days, BECAUSE they are aware of the limits of their knowledge and how far they can forecast. They only report what they know, not what they like to think they know….just to so they can be like “mommy, mommy, look at me I was first on this”

  6. Huge Ackmann says

    Maybe, just maybe Paul M. Banks should get his facts right or be held “accountable” for inaccurate blogging. Having listened to Bernie Miklasz report this story all morning long on his radio show, I know for a fact he NEVER once said this was official. In fact, he took careful measures to say while things looked good, nothing was official. Get your facts rights Paul. Maybe you should listen to a podcast of the show and let’s see a retraction of this blog.

  7. I can think of 1000 things to show this amount of outrage over. This isn’t one of them. Watch out for them dogs, because they can be sicked on you too if you don’t walk that fine line.

  8. Sorry, Huge, you’re wrong, check his print story and check twitter. Maybe he wasn’t as emphatic on the air — and I’ve heard through the grapevine that he seemed to backtrack on the air, for certain — but he was wrongheaded enough in the things he reported that he felt the need to apologize via twitter.

    You don’t do that unless you’ve done something wrong. And he did.

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