#29 Missouri Tigers: College Football 77 in 77


“Interesting move Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them,” the words of Jason Bateman’s character in “Dodgeball” and my thoughts on Mizzou jumping ship for the SEC.

I understand why they did, but a team that hasn’t had a conference championship since 1969 (when it was the Big 8 conference) won’t be getting another one for a long time probably. But they’ll still be a good team, and fun to watch, with dual threat QB James Franklin, who truly embodies the adjective more than any other signal caller in the nation.

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Mizzou bounced early, yet Haith wins Coach of the Year

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To most college basketball fans, and even the Athletic Directors, it’s all about March. How far you go in the NCAA Tournament is everything. Forget the regular season and conference tournaments.

This is quite possibly the greatest example of how these awards are completely regular season oriented, and not postseason.

Missouri’s Frank Haith is the 2011-12 recipient of the Henry Iba Coach of the Year Award, presented annually to the National Coach of the Year by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association.

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Mizzou DB Makes Coolest. Interception. Ever. in Independence Bowl (Video)


Independence Bowl? DON’T CARE! Right? Two 7-5 teams in a December 26th bowl game- WHO CARES? The attendance at the game said. But a Missouri Tigers Cornerback made the best. interception. ever. The ball actually landed on the back of the UNC Tarheels Wide Receiver and floated around and bounced here and bounced there. You just need to watch it- after the jump.

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Mizzou Inevitably Joining SEC? Missouri Official Denies NY Times Report

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The University of Missouri has publicly stated it’s intentions of joining up with the SEC. And in many ways (adding the St. Louis and Kansas City television markets, developing natural rivalries or “border wars” with the state institutions of Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee) the Missouri Tigers are a good for the SEC.

But are they going to get enough SEC presidents to vote in favor of taking them? They currently seem one vote short.

(Update: The New York Times is reporting Missouri’s decision to officially apply for membership in the Southeastern Conference is “inevitable and imminent.“)

(Further Update: FOX 4 spoke to an university official speaking on behalf of Chancellor Brady Deaton on Monday, and they say that the report isn’t true. According to the official, there is no indication that the Board of Curators will discuss conference realignment, let alone make a decision on the matter.)

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#28 Missouri Tigers: College Football 77 in 77

Question #1 for the Missouri Tigers this college football season is replacing departed QB Blaine Gabbert, a top ten NFL Draft pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With the possible exception of former White Sox hurler Lance Broadway, Blaine Gabbert may be the most alternative lifestyle sounding name in the history of sports. “Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaine, Gabberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, cue the “jazz hands.” I would love it if I had a personal shopper and fashion consultant named Blaine Gabbert.

But on to football. Tyler Gabbert, the younger bro had a shot at the new starting signal caller job, but it instead went to sophomore James Franklin.

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Must Hold Bernie Miklasz Accountable


Today, Bernie Miklasz did for the world of sports media what William Ligue Jr. and his son (the infamous, extremely white trash father and son duo who attacked Kansas City Royals base coach Tom Gamboa) did for Chicago White Sox fans.

This may sound hyperbolic, but when a story becomes that big, it can create an entire script or schema for a subset of people. Miklasz horribly besmirched the name of college basketball journalists everywhere.

Bernie reported that Matt Painter left the Purdue Boilermakers for the Missouri Tigers without any sources or any confirmation. Now that he’s proven to be on the total opposite side of truth, will there be repercussions for him? Where’s his retraction?

Let’s say one of my blogging brethren tried something like this. They’d be crucified and we’d all have to hear for 24 hours just how awful “new media” is and how “bloggers” are ruining the news cycle and reporting rumors instead of news. But because this is a newspaper guy doing it, not to mention one who does a radio show for The Mothership, the Evil Empire of ESPN, nothing will happen.

By Paul M. Banks

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Update: Purdue University Rep Blames Donors For Matt Painter Situation


As you may have heard, Matt Painter left the Purdue Boilermakers in order to take the Mizzou job. At least that’s what every single person on Twitter with an interest in college hoops said Monday night. This was of course retracted. But then legit media outlets like Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported Matt Painter called Missouri AD Mike Alden to accept his offer. 670 The Score Chicago said it’s a done deal. The Indy Star disputed it.

And now multiple outlets are saying that he is staying in West Lafayette. Word is still not official until it comes from either school.

Purdue has a reputation as one of the lower paying jobs in the Big Ten. Not actually a low-paying job; just low by what the other leagues coaches make. Therefore, the idea of Painter’s status in limbo meant it was a perfect situation for the Athletic Department to exploit; by scaring their donors into giving more money.

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Twitter (Wrong Again) has Matt Painter to Missouri a Done Deal


It’s coaching carousel season. Now that only four college basketball teams remain, it’s time for the coaching dominoes to start falling. Purdue Boilermakers Coach Matt Painter…to Missouri? Multiple sources report this is a done deal.

And with Painter leaving the Big Ten for Mizzou, (and this isn’t confirmed yet) the rumor mill continues to churn about Butler Bulldogs Brad Stevens taking Painter’s place in West Lafayette.

But before we go down that road, let’s back up a minute. Painter is meeting with Mizzou within the next 24 hours, and supposedly the job is his, if he wants it. No contract has been signed yet. Despite the whole “Twitter verse” saying otherwise.


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