My Wooden Award Ballot Part Two


By: David Kay

In cased you missed it; here is part one of my Wooden Award ballot.  You should probably read that before you continue onto my top ten vote.

One little tangent… the 26 players to choose from are pre-determined and I have to argue with the omitting of Syracuse’s Andy Rautins.  I have been on the Rautins bandwagon all season long and would openly debate with anybody that he was the most valuable player on the Orange this season.  He probably would not have made my top ten, but still would have been an honorable mention.  Onto the top ten.

10. Greg Monroe, Soph, F/C, Georgetown

By far the most versatile big man in the nation, Monroe put up solid numbers across the board.  He is the best passing post player in the country.  His stellar play in the Big East performance put him in the top ten ahead of Kansas’ Sherron Collins.

9. James Anderson, Jr, SG, Oklahoma State
The Big 12 Player of the Year, Anderson was one of the most dynamic scoring wing players in the country.  He single-handedly carried the Cowboys throughout the season averaging more than 22 points per game.

8. Scottie Reynolds, Sr, PG, Villanova

If this vote would have taken place in mid-February, Reynolds would have undoubtedly been a top-five pick.  But as ‘Nova struggled down the stretch of the season, so did Scottie.  Still, he capped off a stellar collegiate career and matured into one of the most intelligent players in the country.

7. Greivis Vasquez, Sr, PG, Maryland

His numbers were ridiculous across the board as he helped lead the Terps to a share of the ACC title.  He earned the ACC Player of the Year honor, edging out Duke’s Jon Scheyer which I completely agree with.  But due to Duke’s success in the post-season as opposed to Maryland’s 1-2 record combined in the ACC and NCAA Tournaments, Vasquez gets dropped behind Scheyer.

6. Jon Scheyer, Sr, PG, Duke
The pre-season thought is that this was supposed to be Kyle Singler’s spot.  However, Scheyer proved to be the leader of the Dukies this season and the driving force behind their run to the Final Four.  His assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.90 is ridiculous when you think that he is really a two-guard running the point.

5. Da’Sean Butler, Sr, G/F, West Virginia

Mr. Clutch came up huge time and time again for the Mountaineers this season and has been the veteran, steadying presence needed in the post-season run.  A trip to the Final Four and a Big East Tournament title pushed Butler from ninth to fifth since the regular season ended.

4. DeMarcus Cousins, Fr, C, Kentucky

A man among boys in the paint, Cousins was the most dominant big man in the country.  Despite only averaging less than 24 minutes per game, the Wildcat freshman scored 15 points and grabbed ten boards per contest.

3. Wesley Johnson, Jr, SF, Syracuse
Prior to the season, I kept reading about how good this guy was going to be this season for ‘Cuse, but I never expected him to be this good.  His all-around game on both ends of the floor is extremely impressive and was recognized when he was named Big East Player of the Year.

2. John Wall, Fr, PG, Kentucky
He was as good as advertised.  His poise and leadership for a freshman were remarkable and was one of the few players who actually left me breathless with some of his plays this season.  There is no questioning why he has been considered the top NBA Draft prospect for this summer.

1. Evan Turner, Jr, PG, Ohio State

His half-court game winning shot against Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament pretty much clinched him earning the top spot.  His numbers are off the charts; 20.4 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 6.0 apg with two triple-doubles.  Not bad for a guy learning the point guard position on the fly.  Yes, he missed six game during the season after suffering a scary neck injury, but there is no doubt that was the top college basketball player this season.


  1. Peter Christian says

    Sorry buddy, but even if I didn’t have a giant crush on “My Boy” I’d still argue that Scottie and James Anderson should be ranked higher on your ballot than Vasquez.

  2. paulmbanks says

    what no mccamey?? j/k i agree the villain, the velociraptor, his royal smoothness deserved it all the way

  3. David K. says

    Vasquez was ACC POY and won Cousy Award… his numbers were sicko… his team shared ACC title… he was what made that team go…

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