Duke Goes as Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer Go

scheyer singler

By Paul M. Banks

INDIANAPOLIS-For Duke, the most polarizing team in this Final Four, success hinges on the play of it’s too stars who are (you guessed it) love ’em or hate ’em guys- Junior Forward Kyle Singler and Senior Point Guard Jon Scheyer.

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My Wooden Award Ballot Part Two

By: David Kay

In cased you missed it; here is part one of my Wooden Award ballot.  You should probably read that before you continue onto my top ten vote.

One little tangent… the 26 players to choose from are pre-determined and I have to argue with the omitting of Syracuse’s Andy Rautins.  I have been on the Rautins bandwagon all season long and would openly debate with anybody that he was the most valuable player on the Orange this season.  He probably would not have made my top ten, but still would have been an honorable mention.  Onto the top ten.

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