UNC’s Harrison Barnes, OSU’s Sullinger Early Favorites for Wooden Award

harrison barnes

The Preseason Top 50 List for the John R. Wooden Award was released today. Chosen by a preseason poll of national media members, the list is comprised of 50 players who, based on last year’s individual performance and team records, are the early frontrunners for college basketball’s most prestigious honor.

Transfers, freshmen and medical redshirts are not eligible for the Preseason list.

The players on the Preseason list are considered strong candidates for the Midseason list and the official voting ballot, both of which are open to freshman and transfer students.

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The Sports Bank “My Boy” Team

derrick williams arizona

As the collegiate basketball season comes to a conclusion this evening, there is still hardware to be handed out that isn’t related to the National Championship. There’s the All-Americans, the Cousy Award, the Wooden Award and plenty of others, however here at The Sports Bank we like to honor players in a different manner.

By Peter Christian and David Kay

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My Wooden Award Ballot Part Two

By: David Kay

In cased you missed it; here is part one of my Wooden Award ballot.  You should probably read that before you continue onto my top ten vote.

One little tangent… the 26 players to choose from are pre-determined and I have to argue with the omitting of Syracuse’s Andy Rautins.  I have been on the Rautins bandwagon all season long and would openly debate with anybody that he was the most valuable player on the Orange this season.  He probably would not have made my top ten, but still would have been an honorable mention.  Onto the top ten.

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My Wooden Award Ballot Part One

By: David Kay

For the second straight year, I received the honor and privilege of casting my vote for the 2009-2010 John R. Wooden Award given to college basketball’s most outstanding player.

The process goes as such; you receive a ballot with 26 pre-determined players.  You choose the top ten players and vote 1-10, one being for who you think should win the Wooden Award.  If you cast a write-in vote, your ballot is immediately nullified.  The results are then tabulated and determine not only the Wooden Award winner, but also the AP All-American teams.

I waited until after the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament to finalize my ballot because I think the tourney should play a major role in how valuable a player has been to his team and to the game.  I took several factors into account and here is how my vote went:
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Boilermakers Big 10 Chances Depend on Robbie Hummel

By Paul M. Banks

If Purdue is going to get back into the Big Ten race, a lot of it will depend on their star forward Robbie Hummel.

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Robbie Hummel Exclusive

Paul M. Banks goes one-on-one with one of the Big Ten’s most valuable players

Purdue’s Robbie Hummel was a finalist for the Oscar Robertson and John Wooden awards during his freshman season- the first Boilermaker since Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson. Last season Hummel was an All-Big Ten first team selection last season, leading the conference in 3-pt field goal %. This year, the conference’s preseason player of the year is among the Big Ten leaders in rebounding, scoring, 3-pt field goal % and FT % despite having to battle nagging, persistent back injuries. Most importantly, the Boilers are 11-2 in conference play when Hummel plays, 0-3 when he is absent.

PMB: You’ve been designated as a point forward. Tell me about the match-up issues your opponents have given the height advantage you have over most point guards…

RH: “When I was little I always played guard. I wasn’t very big, but then I grew a lot between my 8th grade and freshman year so with that I kind of kept my guard skills and tried to add some big man skills, but I’m kind of used to playing the point.”

PMB: And does it help your court vision, and therefore becoming a floor general, does it augment your decision making?

RH: “I think so because I’m taller. When I bring the ball up I think it’s a huge advantage to how I can see the floor.”

PMB: We’ve seen a lot of bigger than usual point guards, Deron Williams from Illinois is an example, succeed in the league lately. You model your game on any of these NBA stars?

RH: “I don’t have a role model in the NBA. I grew up a Bulls fan so obviously Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are the guys. I don’t model my game after them, but I just love to watch those guys play. Chris Paul is very special, Deron Williams like you said from Illinois, is obviously very special, there’s a lot and it’s hard to name them all.”

PMB: What aspect of your game do you most want to improve upon?

RH: “I’d like to become better with my back to the basket, earlier in the year when we played Illinois I had Chester Frazier guarding me and I didn’t capitalize on that.”

PMB: Yes you had quite a big height difference there, but what makes Chester Frazier such a great individual defender?

RH: “He’s hard nose. He’s tough, he really gets low when he defends so he’s obviously a special guy and great player.