Citrus Bowl Preview: #14 Northwestern Wildcats vs Auburn Tigers


After the #14 Northwestern Wildcats fell to the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Big Ten title game, NU coach Pat Fitzgerald gave this memorable soundbite: “we’re going to look at a couple of plays, and my great friend Bill Curry says “the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you choose.”

Now comes a Citrus Bowl matchup with a 6-4 Auburn team that is starting over with a new head coach. Will NU be more disciplined in bowl practice for this one? Or will they have regret of an opportunity missed at Camping World Stadium?

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Notre Dame to ACC? Jim Phillips Could be the Guy to Make it Happen


We’re not saying Notre Dame football will join the ACC on a permanent basis, but if it’s going to happen, then 2021 is the year that the ball could get rolling. Will we ever see Fighting Irish football in a conference? Well, this is the time that the stars are aligning to potentially make that possible.

Jim Phillips completes his stint as Northwestern Athletic Director next year, and he’ll replace the retiring John Swofford as the new Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner. If anybody can get it done, it’s a wheeler-dealer like Phillips. If you saw first hand some of what he’s accomplished at NU, then you can see why he could be the key figure/difference maker in getting the deal done.

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Ohio State vs Northwestern: Big Ten Title Game Odds, TV Info, Preview

amos alonzo stagg trophy big ten title

Here we go, the only reason the Big Ten bothered to even stage a season in 2020: trying to get one of their teams into the College Football Playoff. That team is #4 Ohio State of course, a program that rules the conference in the same way that Bayern Munich has dominion over the Bundesliga.

If getting the Buckeyes into the playoff means changing the rules and requirements for the league title game, as a stepping stone to the CFP, well so be it. The rules and regulations were all made up on the fly, and without a ton of legitimacy anyway. The next and final sacrificial lamb for the Buckeyes is #14 Northwestern.

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How Northwestern Football Did in the Last Pandemic Season, 1918


For the longest time, my cat’s Instagram follower count was stuck on 1918. Given what’s synonymous with that year, and what is going on in the world right now, naturally that bothered me. Now it’s into the 1960s somewhere, so that’s much groovier.

People keep saying that this college football season is one that is unlike any other, and that is not true. The 1918 and 2020 college football seasons are/were very much alike in that they started later than usual, were shorter than standard in duration and saw some games cancelled due to an outbreak of the nasty, deadly virus.

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Five of the Best NFL Rookies so far this Season

The NFL season is still young, but already fans and self-appointed “experts” alike have identified the players and trends which they believe will dictate the season. As with most sports, football has been rocked to its core by the Covid-19 pandemic, with spectators locked out of games, and frequent disruption due to positive cases altering schedules.   [Read more…]

Pat Fitzgerald is Northwestern Top Cat, Hits Century Mark on Caturday

northwestern wildcats

In a 43-3 season opening blowout of Maryland, Pat Fitzgerald won his 100th game as Head Coach at Northwestern University tonight. NU has won 540 games in their history, meaning Fitzgerald has 18.5% of the program’s victories. As a player, he was a part of 24 wins with the Wildcats.

He also 26 wins as an assistant coach with the Cats, so when you add it all up, 150 triumphs, Fitz is involved in 27.8% of all time Northwestern Wildcats football victories. Let it all sink in and it’s clear, he’s the top cat of all time in Evanston.

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Most Popular Sports Among Students


The majority of high school and college students participate in athletics. The sports culture is really widespread among the student community, and this fact makes us think that educational institutions achieved their aim — to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle. But at the same time, students’ participation in sports takes their free time which can be spent doing their homework. No matter that many students suffer from mental exhaustion. If you belong to those who used to devote themselves fully to everything they start, consider using top essay writing services to get academic assistance and rest. 

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College Football Players Literally Fighting for their Right to Survive

American football is as much a contact sport as his humanly possible. Whereas in other sports, contact is sometimes encouraged and/or advantageous in regards to the situation, football sees at least a dozen guys getting to know each other, up close and personal on every single play.

Contact sports and social distancing go together like a Trump press conference and the absence of embarassing, clueless stupidity. Football will have safe social distancing when Quentin Taratino makes a movie without anything extremely disturbing or bloody in it.

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Revisiting Illini vs Northwestern 1 End Zone Only Game at Wrigley Field


“One way, or another, I’m gonna find you!” Blondie told us in the early 1980s. On one Saturday, late in November of 2010, these words applied to a Big Ten college football game. It was more than a Big Ten league game, it was branded the Wrigleyville Classic, and it hosted ESPN College Gameday.

It was an in-state rivalry game as Northwestern “hosted” their arch-rivals, Illinois. Oh, and there was only one end zone in use that day. Yes, both sides have to drive towards the west end zone. No one could head towards the east due to safety precautions. How did this happen? Why?


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Emotional Senior Day Lifts Northwestern to Upset of #20 Penn State

Senior day might have given the Northwestern Wildcats the extra boost they have been seeking as they defeated the 20th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions on Saturday. Northwestern got off to a hot start going on a 15-2 run to start the game. Seniors AJ Turner, Pat Spencer, and Tino Malnati were honored before the game as it would be the last time they would play at Welsh-Ryan Arena.

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Northwestern Basketball Heads to Indianapolis on Higher Note

In upsetting #20 Penn State 80-69 today, Northwestern basketball achieved their first win over a ranked foe since the AllState Arena “era,” when they beat Michigan in Rosemont in 2018. The victory, a 7.5 point upset, also means the Wildcats will avoid back to back last place finishes.

They’re still relegated to the Wednesday night session of the Big Ten tournament, where they’ll play as the #13 seed against #12 seed Minnesota, but at least they head to the conference tourney with some positive momentum, having won two of their last three, and beaten a team that’s a lock to make the NCAA Tournament. Move over Providence, 2019-20 Northwestern basketball has a new signature win.

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Illini Basketball Game Preview, Prediction at Northwestern Wildcats

Heading into Thursday’s LOL Hat (basketball version) game, the main story line is tickets, and their egregiously high prices. Northwestern adopted a fan unfriendly pricing structure for single game tickets this season, and the price increase, coupled with the home team’s historically bad performance on the court, has resulted in the worst attendance of the Chris Collins era.

On the other side of the court, you have an Illini basketball team that has far surpassed expectations this season. That is driving up demand, as is the fact that Illinois took a hiatus from playing at the United Center this season. They were right to abandon the UC game this year, because the “crowds” they have been drawing to the venue in recent years were embarrassingly small. So increased demand, lowered supply, it’s economics 101. Plus, you have NU trying to make as much money as they can off the home game most likely to draw the biggest crowd (even if it’s all almost blue and orange).

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