Why Athletes Prefer Vaping Than Smoking



By Eamon Bennett

Most seasoned athletes have smoked in the past. Chain smoking could lead to lung disease, cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disorders. As such, many athletes have recently switched to vaping for enjoyment rather than smoking cigars, cigarettes, or pipes.

Vaping has become a great alternative to smoking. It has helped many quit smoking and choosing e-cigarettes, which are less harmful.

Switching to Vaping

When a person quits smoking, the body repairs itself. Switching to vaping has reduced the risks imposed by prolonged smoking. Many athletes who have turned to vaping have found that they are more energetic after they quit smoking. Smoking causes breathlessness and tiredness, making it difficult for athletes.

Another reason why vaping has gained more popularity is that it is customizable. Suit your style and need with a choice of vaping devices. You could also pick the flavor of your choice when you vape.

Today, personal vaping devices and e-cigarettes have become the new favorites. It may be quite tricky to find the best dry herb atomizer for vape mods when you are a newbie. Making an informed choice is a good idea when you start vaping.

Nicotine Matters Most

When one is smoking, the nicotine gives the kick. Vaping offers better nicotine effectively; it is easy to know the percentage of nicotine when you opt for a dry herb atomizer or a personal vaping device.

E-cigarettes also give a cleaner feel compared to cigarettes, since you do not smell the burning tobacco leaves. Nonetheless, it provides a similar feeling like using a cigarette without the smell. There are nearly thousand flavors available in the market for e-cigarettes, making it more desirable for athletes and non-athletes alike.


Cannabis In Vaping

In many places, it is legal to use cannabis as a medicine for specific conditions. Depending on where you live, cannabis is safe to use. Many users are relying on vaping to take cannabis into their system. The traditional rolling of joints and smoking has lost its charm. More people prefer vaping these days as it is more convenient and suits the style of the individual.

Cannabis vaping is also popular among athletes today, especially because it acts as a performance enhancer. Still, we do not recommend using cannabis in any shape or form. Athletes must take responsibility to analyze the legalities of using cannabis as an enhancer.

Why Athletes Prefer Vaping

With many athletes choosing over vaping, there is also a rise of the number picking cannabis as an enhancer or a treatment. However, why do they prefer vaping? Here are more reasons why.

  1. Trend

Gone are the days when people thought they looked good while they smoked. Smoking was equal to heroism. Today, with many athletes switching to vaping, it is in the trend.

  1. Convenience

It is convenient to carry your vaping device anywhere. It is easy to spot shops that sell e-liquids in most places. Dry herb vapes are often used as performance stimulants for athletes.

  1. Style

Many athletes have shown their affection for their vaping devices in recent times. It is obviously more stylish compared to smoking.

  1. Instant Effect

In the past, some athletes have used edible cannabis. It usually takes 30-45 minutes for effect to kick in a while vaping cannabis using a dry herb atomizer would give you instant effects.

  1. Healthy Compared to Smoking

There is no denying that vaping poses danger as the level of nicotine goes up. In any case, it is a better option compared to smoking. Athletes who wish to stay healthy while competing in sports vape.

  1. Controlled Dosing

It is easier to control your dosage when you vape. Other methods of cannabis intake may lead to higher or lower psychoactivity than what an athlete may prefer.

  1. Treating Injuries

There is a higher chance of addiction to painkillers when you are an athlete. It is also common to have injury and treatment in the sports field. Vaping using a dry herb atomizer gives better relief to the athlete.

Wrapping It Up

Smoking has lost its glory today. With new types of vaping to suit one’s taste, it is easy to pick the right one. There have been athletes in the past who have lost their lives to lung diseases, chronic disorders, heart diseases, and cancer due to smoking.

Vaping poses less danger compared to smoking. When you vape, you can limit your intake. It is a good idea to look out for vaping if you smoke right now. Health is a valuable asset; making a switch can help save you from the disastrous effects of smoking.


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