Sports Careers for those Who Can’t Play


Many sports fanatic dreams to be part of their favorite teams at some point in their lives. Football fans have probably tried playing football whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Basketball fans have probably played this sport when they were still in school or college.

Basically, a sports fanatic will always find a way to involve himself or herself in his or her favorite sport.

However, let’s face it, not everyone can participate in sports and still enjoy it. Not all sports fans are athletic and can play the sports that they love. They simply only follow tournaments and their favorite athletes on the internet.

The truth is that involvement in any sport can teach a person many valuable lessons and this is why many non-athletes would still seek a career in the sports industry.

The gold news is that you don’t have to be an athlete to find a career in the sports industry. There are actually great careers that this industry can offer. If you’re looking for a job in this industry, then here are some ideas for you.

Sports Photographer

If you love sports and the art of taking photos, then you’re in luck because being a sports photographer can be a well-paying job. It may not be as lucrative as being an athlete but just think of how fun it would be to be present in many sports events and even possibly have the best seat in the arena or stadium.

As a sports photographer, you will need to be able to capture and document the whole match. This will also require a bit of physical effort you will most likely be on your feet during the whole game. Your photos can be used on write-ups or newspapers. You can either work at a newspaper firm or any media as a sports photographer or work independently and just sell your photos.

Physical Therapist

Becoming a physical therapist can take a lot of time, but the salary will surely be worth it. Physical therapy isn’t really specific for sports, but there are PTs that are specializing in sports injuries.

A sports physical therapist is responsible for helping an injured athlete get back on track or make his or her way through recovery. This means that your role is to diagnose, cure, and care for the injured athlete. Post-injury care is extremely important to athletes. These people are always willing to pay as much as it takes just so they can heal without any serious damages. This is why being a physical therapist can be a lucrative career.

Sports Betting

This may come off as a surprise but sports betting is actually something that you can turn into a career. There are now people who see this as a serious career and some even only rely on this for a living.

Betting professionally takes a lot of guts, effort, and even time. As a professional punter, you don’t just look at the match lineup of any sport and place your bets based on popularity.

You will need to be strategic about the bets you place. You will need to watch the sports you’d like to wager on and frequent betting tips sites just so you can improve the quality of your bets. If you are planning to wager on tennis, make sure that you choose a tennis betting site with the best odds.

Speaking of odds, sports betting technicalities are also factors that you should know very well. You need to know how to read odds and know about money lines.

Sports Psychologist

Another career in the medical field that is needed by the sports industry is this. Sports psychologists help athletes remain mentally healthy as they train and go to matches.

Your role can also extend to the non-athletes who are part of the team. Being an athlete can be a very exhausting career. Athletes literally go through many ups and downs in just a season of a game. Mental health problems are known to be one of the struggles that athletes have and as a sports psychologist, it’s your job to guide them to be in control of their minds and stay mentally fit.

Recreation Worker

If you don’t see yourself working with real athletes but would still like to include sports in your career, then this may be for you. Recreation workers are the ones you see from camps and other facilities that conduct leisurely activities.

As a recreation worker, you’ll be responsible for rolling out activities, which include sports of almost any kind. With this, you will need to be knowledgeable about multiple sports.

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