Is Sports Betting is Taking Over the Gambling Industry in the United States?


When it comes to gambling there are a few countries out there that are dominating the market. Australia and many parts of Europe have always been part of the top countries that gamble each year. The United States is also not far behind, but in the coming years, it’s possible that more Americans will be gambling.

More and more states are now focusing on legalizing and regulating gambling locally. For now, there are only five states that allow all sorts of gambling including mobile and online gambling. Some of these states are Nevada, New Jersey, and Michigan.

However, Michigan just recently signed online gambling into law. This includes online poker, blackjack, other table games, and also online sports betting. To be exact, it was only on December 20, 2019, when Michigan’s Governor Whitman signed the legality of these gambling activities into law.

This means that it may take a while for the state of Michigan to launch casino games like online poker and other table games that you can find on 7Bit Casino. You may check Clovr’s 7Bit review to know which casino games are available for you to play. In the meantime, the locals from Michigan can still place their bets and play on online casinos that are based offshore.

Meanwhile, other states like New Jersey and Nevada are already benefitting from making onsite and online gambling activities legal within their territories. These two states are now the go-to for many gamblers who would like to play in physical casinos and even online.

Online casinos remain a favorite way for Americans to gamble but sports betting appears to be dominating the US too. In fact, there are now 20 states that have legalized sports betting locally.

This means that sports betting is more legal in the US and soon enough, more people might be placing their bets locally.

Some of the states that have already legalized sports betting are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Nevada, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Delaware, and Oregon. This is all thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States and New Jersey’s will to regulate sports betting in its territory.

In May 2018, the Supreme Court has finally struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 or PASPA. This is after New Jersey has challenged this act as it has prohibited the majority of the states to legalize sports betting. Ever since the Supreme Court’s decision, many states have quickly moved towards legalizing sports betting. Surely, it didn’t take New Jersey long before it launched betting. It only took them approximately 2 months since the Supreme Court’s decision.

Last year, more states have finally launched betting too. This includes the state of New York with the belief that the revenues from this industry will help them solve their budget problem.

However, New York seems to be struggling with getting the revenues it was hoping to get. There is something to blame for this and it is the lack of mobile betting.

Betting is indeed already legal and has been launched in the Big Apple. However, mobile or online betting is still not legal in this state. Senator Addabbo, who sponsored the sports betting bill in New York, did include mobile and online betting in his proposal. However, it never came up in the assembly that made betting legal.

At first, the locals and the supporters of online betting were hopeful that they will get what they want within 2019. However, due to the recent budget announcement of New York’s Governor Cuomo, online betting may not even be available this year at all.

Cuomo appears to not really care about passing online betting in New York just yet. Based on his statement when he talked about his budget for this year, he doesn’t believe in gimmicks that could help the betting industry gain more revenue. Many believe that he’s pertaining to online betting. The only mention that betting got from the governor was that there will be more options for punters to bet outside casino lounges but still within the casino property.

Sen. Addabbo already commented on this. He only expressed that he’s still hopeful that Cuomo will still include the budget for online betting before April when the final budget will be released.

For now, New York continues to lose revenues from offshore online bookies. In particular, it’s really New Jersey that’s benefitting from this. New York punters are now flocking New Jersey where online betting is legal. They would simply hope on the train and get off a New Jersey station to place their bets with their mobile devices.

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