Expat’s guide on gambling in Thailand


Gamblers globally know how rigid Thailand is regarding the country’s gambling activity. 

Many Asian countries as Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, and Cambodia have loosened their rules. But unlikely in Thailand, they are very, very strict, and everything is banned while leaving out horse race bets and government lotteries. Even bullfighting and cockfighting with gambling purposes are determined as illegal.

But despite the legislation being so strict, surprisingly, gambling sport has increased dynamically. It is a really big deal now. Many happen to hidingly serve the act at hotels and resorts while the biggest is going on underground.

And an estimation value of all these activities in secrecy generates about 6 USD Dollars each year. Both dwellers and tourists have contributed their part in the estimation, though gambling is strictly prohibited. 

The national lottery was functional from the year 2003. Its objective was to cover up the ill practices of private lotteries and, instead, bring something official and fair.

Why local casinos are dangerous for farangs

Farangs, on the first hand, must know that Thailand’s governments are against gambling of any form, and even the internet versions aren’t so impressive to them.  

There are none mortars opened freely. From the Gambling Act of Thailand, it is noted that engaging in any sort can punish you that can even go up to imprisonment. However, most of the penalties are charged with a fine. Or even both, 1000 Baht and then the jail.

Farangs mostly are fans of casinos & gambling, and Thailand knows it already. As such, being introduced to casinos might take way less time than you think. It is not even a day of arrival, and you already have locals inviting to mortars.

But these mortars are illegally confined. And almost all of them are surfacing in secrecy- resorts, hotels, underground, and dark. Or even the private office and funerals. 

Thailand was the only country in the region that had not been colonized by foreigners. Perhaps, this is why foreign influence is not a mere text. As such, poker is not widely seen or played in the nation. As stated by Play Pulse, Thailand origin games have no international appeal. For example, the Hi-Lo dice game is left underrated.

Similar to Baccarat, Hi-Lo needs cards, but the government officials have ceased the manufacturing. Indeed, gambling is so strict in Thailand, and the government leaves no chance to show it. 

Can you get in jail for gambling?

Yes, gambling prohibition is so serious that it can get you into some severe problems like jailing. You can also be fined up to 1000 baht or more and less according to how troubling the situation is.

Government is rigid with gambling, yet many netizens still have themselves involved in it. However, Games are contradictory in Thailand.

And no matter how hard governing bodies try to abolish gambling, none of it is effective. Rather, it has been reported that the industry has grown to an unbelievable peak. 

Those who are caught gambling have their hands in punishments, while those who successfully sneak are referred to as lucky. This is why hidden casinos still have their spot. Unless and until they are caught and taken action against, the practice isn’t stopping. 

Even if you are lucky for the night, it carries a lot of risks. Firstly, your name and everyone who was a part is certain to get on the list when the casino head is caught. Do not trust the bookie specifically.

Second, how fair the entity is, is concluding with a big question mark? Winners are charged with no money sometimes, and there is no chance they can complain about it.

How to safeguard yourself from problems with authorities?

The internet is your savior here. Online casinos such as Gclub imitates a very safe platform. They are regulated as such that members are safe and can barely reach an offense against the legislation.

But the games and algorithm Gclub offers are to die for. No rules have been altered, neither are additional elements subjected. With the site, you can explore foreign games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. You can also check vpn-th.com to find the latest information on how to access different sites from Thailand.


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