What Are The Best Apps For Stock Traders To Participate In Competitive Trading Contests?


Indulging yourself into selling and buying stock stands out as a lucrative way to earn money. The excitement of money lost and made might be pretty addictive, but it will be much better to learn proper trading skills. The majority of the stock markets of a particular nation define their power, business agility and strength.

What if you can learn how to invest in the market for real, but without the risk of going bankrupt if you miscalculate? The Fantasy Stock Games can help you with that. These stock games are available on apps that will teach you how to trade and enable you to take part in trading competitions.

This article will learn about several apps that are ideal for stock traders to play stock-related fantasy games and participate in stock competitions. Check below!

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  1. io

VIG is a popular and well-known stock market app that not only offers news and updates about the stock market but has fantasy games related to stocks in-store. Traders are free to play any stock market games on the app and get to earn in-the-money.

Apart from the application also conducts stock competitions where traders can take part in. Individuals can choose from ETFs, Crypto’s and Stocks to play. To get started, users have to make an account, which will take less than a minute and then enter their very first contest for free.

After that, they have to make their picks and track the game to check whether their choices finished in-the-money to receive prizes. All the contests are for entertainment only, which traders will surely enjoy.

2. Wall Street Survivor

The Wall Street Survivor is one of the best stock market gaming applications that utilize fake money but actual stock pricing to teach all the traders or gamers how to invest in stocks.

The application plays its part as a stimulator. It provides courses and tips to help traders familiarize themselves with the virtual market, stock market, and how exactly the financial market works.

While playing all the games in this stock market app, you will also come across competitive trading tournaments to test out your trading skills. You can compete against other traders by joining an existing competition or get to create a new one.

You are free, to begin with, an amount of $100,000, and while you keep investing, you will also get the chance to enhance your existing trading skills and learn some new ones.

3. Investopedia Stock Stimulator

The Investopedia Stock Simulator is a useful stock game app that prepares all first-time traders for real stock trading. One of the most-insightful stock market gaming applications contains trade challenges, stock research, paper trading, mutual funds analysis, and trading stocks.

All these are done because they will help all traders become well-versed with the official stock trading mechanism. This application is pretty realistic and carries an easy user interface, making it one of the best stock market apps.

4. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

The Stock Trainer application works with the help of actual stock market pricing to give traders an idea of how the actual market operates. The trading application will not direct you towards the New York Stock Exchange, but you are free to choose a region relevant to you.

Being one of the leading stock market gaming applications, it’s pretty easy to use and stands out as a handy game for experienced and first-time traders. Besides providing games and hosting competitions, Stock Trainer also offers the latest updates and news on organizations below the trading stocks to help individuals gain more knowledge about investing.

5. Invstr[For iOS: Click here]

The stock market app markets the complex trading market a lot easier to understand. The application will allow you to invest $1 million in virtual cash. After you learn all the fundamentals of the financial sector, you will get the opportunity to make trades with actual funds starting from $1.

This application will enable you to create your own portfolio and give you access to all the competitions with investors located worldwide. Currently, it’s one of the most-reputed and best stock market apps, which is available for both iOS and Android versions.

This particular stock stimulator application will assign you a specific rank based on the return on investment or ROI and stock prices. You need to make sure that you rank high as possible. Otherwise, you might find yourself right at the bottom of the table during the monthly fantasy tournament.

6. Trading Game – Stock Market & Forex Stimulator

[For iOS: Click Here]

This particular application will allow you to practice and learn about mock stock trading. Apart from that, you will understand and learn how and where to bank upon all the profit opportunities. Utilizing precise market quotes along with real-time stock market prices, the Trading Game app provides a simple and easy user interface.

This popular stock market gaming app is available for Windows, iOS and Android devices. The application will allow all the traders to figure out what exactly causes the forex market to fluctuate to make proper investment decisions accordingly.

7. Investing Game 

The investing game app is ideal for all beginner or amateur traders. They can practice how to trade through this particular app simply yet meticulously. Along with that, the stock gaming app will also help the players to manage and create a portfolio.

It also stands out as a powerful tool that will help you build evaluating strategies and skills. You will surely gain investment experience by participating in mock stock trading. This stock market app facilitates all the players to go head-to-head in a risk-free surrounding.

Take part in the challenges it has in-store and then gets to maximize all your stocks effectively. Investing Game is an app that will teach you all the tips and tricks to trade brilliantly and make you completely market-ready.

8. TradeStation[For iOS: Click Here]

When you are looking for a highly-trusted and top-notch stock market game app, the TradeStation is the one you need. You can use the app on your desktop, but it also comes in iOS and Android versions. Once you learn what it takes to indulge in the real selling and buying of stocks, the application will allow you to conduct trading for real.

TradeStation offers world-class brokerage services and also carries a steep learning curve. You will get the opportunity to use extensive tools, which will teach you all the fundamentals. Traders can also become a part of the ever-growing trading community forum and get to discuss all your ideas with another member as well.

You can also switch between trading with virtual and real-life and explore all their available chances. This stock market app provides an outstanding understanding and learning experience and will let you stay well-updated with all the latest news and market trends.

Ending Words

The stock market game applications will not just allow you to have fun and gain access to competitions. But also help you gain plenty of knowledge and skills about the stock market so that you can buy and sell stocks with confidence. It will also help reduce the chances of mistakes and errors and provide you with useful tips and tricks.

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