4 Essential Lessons Your Business Can Learn From The Premier League


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UK football’s Premier League isn’t just a sports organization that brings the highest stakes game to viewers and supporters all over the world. It is also a business and a very successful one at that! Of course, that means there are some smart lessons we can learn by looking closely at how the Premier League run. A topic you can find out more about below.

Do have a code of conduct.

The first lesson that any business aspiring to be successful can learn from the Premier League is that it’s crucial that you have a code of conduct. In fact, the Premier League has a Statement of Principles that governs not only players in matches, but outside of games too, as well as other employees of the company. Yes, it is also true that not every player and employee always abides by these, but it certainly helps them to on the whole manage their behavior.

Of course, with business reputation being such an essential element of success these days, having a code of ethics by which everyone needs to abide is just common sense. After all, it not only protects you from any scandals or legal issues but also ensures that your PR remains solid as well. Something that is crucial if you are to encourage members of the public to buy your product.

Do use consistent branding.

One thing that the Premier League is brilliant at is consistent branding. Whether it is the use of the Premier League lion logo itself, or the purple, pink, and teal assets you will see across its sites, social media, and TV presence.

Then there is all of the logos and branding of the individual teams that make up the premier league as well. Many of which are likely to be some of the most famous and well-known visuals in the world.

Obviously, this is another smart lesson that any business can take from the Premier League example. The reason being that there is nothing that will help your company to look as professional as possible than having your visual branding on point, and using it consistently across your entire brand.

Additionally, by paying attention to the smaller elements of consistency and branding include things like using Business Document Templates for internal and external communication you can really boost not only the efficiency of your business but your professional image as well. Both things, of course, being absolutely vital for convincing customers that you are the right person for the job they need you to do.

Do use social media as a marketing tool.

Next, something that the Premier League does remarkably well is to use social media as a marketing tool. In fact, by embedding share buttons throughout their website and social media platforms, they encourage fans to disseminate their content organically. This being something that helps to boost their popularity and business image.

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Additionally, by using hashtags on sites like Twitter, they not only provide content for fans to consume but also encourage discussion as well. Of course, this is a fantastic way of getting followers to be engaged and involved with your brand.

The strength of which lies in the fact that they are not just passive recipients of the information you disseminate, but actually begin to feel an alignment with the community that your brand creates. Something that in turn can help to promote an excellent level of brand loyalty, meaning it much more likely that people will buy from you over your competitors.

Do make use of your most charismatic personalities.

Lastly, what the Premier League has an abundance of is charismatic personalities, (even if they might not always seem that way on the post-match discussions that are televised.) After all, players in teams that reach the Premier League are invariably at the top of their game, and not only do they represent an aspirational goal for many young people on the pitch, but the lifestyle they live off the pitch can be very persuasive as well.

Now, unless your business is in a similar industry, it is highly unlikely that you have such character and applying charters as the Premier League does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this approach.

In fact, some times having just one single charismatic person that the face of a company like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson can work just as well.

Conversely, you may choose an alternative stance to the Premier League here and use the appeal of the common man instead of some high flying bigwig in your advertising and marketing. Something that can work exceptionally well as it conveys a sense of authenticity winch can greatly appeal to your customer demographic.

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