How to Learn Muay Thai in Thailand


Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand. It is popular for its effectiveness in self-defense, and as a way to keep fit. It’s so popular that people even tour Thailand just to learn this sport. So, for someone looking to learn and perfect Muay Thai, how do you go about it? To help you out, here is how to learn Muay Thai in Thailand.

  1. Join a Muay Thai gym 

Muay Thai has its origins in Thailand and due to its popularity, both locally and internationally, there are lots of gyms that specialize in it. Join one, and follow the routine consistently. Over time, you will perfect the technique. How fast you learn depends on your motivation, the quality of the gym and the quality of the muay thai punching bag. One of the best gyms you can join is 301 gym. This gym has a Muay Thai camp in Thailand where trainees are guaranteed to gain the right skills in this sport. Some of the benefits that come with this camp include an ideal workout environment at the coast. You will get to train next to the first national park in Thailand. The training sessions are also versatile and include things like running, weight lifting, shadow boxing, and spurring among others. By the time you complete your training at this gym, you will be physically fit, and have the skills to practice Muay Thai like a pro.

  1. Make use of YouTube videos

The internet is a powerful tool for learning pretty much anything, and Muay Thai is no exception. To learn, simply download Muay Thai videos and follow the instructions. To make the learning process more efficient, start with videos that focus on simple moves. Practice until you master them, then move to the more complex techniques. If you follow the instructions in these videos consistently, you should be in a position to practice Muay Thai with a good degree of sophistication. The trick when using YouTube is to be consistent. That’s because, unlike in a gym environment where the trainer pushes you to do things, with YouTube, it is up to you to have the discipline to follow through with the instructions as presented.

  1. Find a mentor

This is another effective strategy for learning Muay Thai. Thailand has lots of Muay Thai experts and if you look hard enough, you won’t miss one that is willing to train you. When you find a mentor, the trick to learning is to be humble around them, and ask as many questions as possible whenever you don’t understand something. Also make sure to practice whatever moves they teach you, until you perfect them. You can also spur with your mentor as a way of building your confidence. With a good mentor, you should go pro on Muay Thai within a very short time.

Choose any of the above methods and perfect your skills. Remember to also work on your fitness before you start Muay Thai. It’s an intense sport and requires one to be fit at all times. 


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