Venric Mark, Josh Freeman, Jameis Winston and the curse of jersey #5



Venric Mark is just the latest example of how every star football player who wears #5 will inevitably get into some major off-the-field drama. At least, he’s a local example, Jameis Winston is obviously the perfect national example.

I know this because #5 was my number when I played high school football, and I still use it in all my internet handle/email things paulbo05 etc.

Details of the curse of #5 articulated here.

Examples include: Everett Golson, Manti Te’o, Josh Freeman, Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall, Kerry Collins, Paul Hornung, Mikel Leshoure, Donovan McNabb Jameis Winston, and Chris Kluwe.

venrick mark-northwestern-football

Joe Flacco qualifies, but just barely. He called someone or something “retarded” at Super Bowl Media Day, but he quickly apologized ran very fast and effective damage control. Back in the days when the Baltimore Ravens PR Department actually had a clue.

Ohio State QB Braxton Miller is next. So far there’s some injury concern with him this camps, and that makes sense as he’s very injury prone. But that doesn;t count ast the curse. You need to do something off the field that gets you in serious trouble or creates tremendous controversy.

Venric Mark officially joined the club this past week, and the beat goes on!

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