Chicago Bears make DL Corey Wootton now a free agent



Corey Wootton and the Chicago Bears were not able to reach an agreement. The Northwestern product, best known for sacking/injuring Brett Favre on the final play of “the ole gunslinger’s” career will now test the free agent waters. Corey Wootton tweeted today:


As talented and gifted as the Coreysaurus is, he hasn’t really found a niche in Chicago, and he’s constantly battled through injuries. There’s a chance he could still be re-signed by the Bears, but as of yesterday, other teams are now free to contact him, and as early as Tuesday he may sign with a new team. So indeed it may be time to say “hey, thanks for coming!” to Corey Wootton.

I hope that’s not the case, but if it is so it might signify that Mel Tucker is possibly moving to a 3-4 base.

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