Carrie Underwood replacing Faith Hill on Sun Night Football (update)



Will Carrie Underwood be replacing Faith Hill on NBC Sunday Night NFL? Yep. The announcement verifying just went official

NBC Sports said so on conference call just now regarding Sunday Night Football. I made this post around 3 CDT Monday. By 10 pm, three Country music stations (103.7 The Gator Gainesville, FL, B97.9 Sikeston, MO, Y100 WNCY, Green Bay, WI) all followed my lead and called this.

Carrie Underwood also wrote on the wall of her Facebook fan page yesterday:

Just to let you know, we have some great news that we’ll be sharing tomorrow! I’m really excited about it! Stay tuned…


I can draw a straight line. I can put two and two together.

Carrie Underwood also tweeted yesterday:

Here’s the intro work of Faith Hill

Faith Hill has been doing the NFL “waiting all day for Sunday night” theme on NBC ever since the peacock regained broadcast rights in 2006. Other than season, when Pink sung the theme. However, it’s “Faith No More” as Faith Hill won’t be doing the theme this fall.

Today we got verification that Underwood is replacing Hill.

Carrie makes her debut with the first Sunday night NFL game Sept 8th: N.Y. GIANTS AT DALLAS COWBOYS, 7:30pm CDT

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  1. you wont regret your choice carrie is the best
    such a nice person and down to earth congrats
    to carrie!!!!!!

  2. Truly will Miss Faith Hill. Carrie is great. But Faith looks hot and really did a great job after Hank.

  3. Finally someone who can rocks us and is a REAL blonde

  4. TheSoleVoiceOfTruth says:

    The reason for this change is clear. A 30-year old replaces a 40-year old.

    So now the 15 – 35 male demographic has a younger blonde to wack-off to at the start of the game.

  5. paulmbanks says:

    TSVOT, hahhahahaha. thanks. I really needed a laugh today. This did nicely

  6. Great choice to replace another great choice. NBC and the NFL are so fortunate to have 2 beautiful and talented ladies open the games.

  7. Wait… why do we need this? Oh, right. To cater to the casual or non-football fan. The same ones who think Tim Tebow is a God. Ah, the ignorant sheep of America…

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