’85 Chicago Bears Invited to White House, Dan Hampton Declines


I’ve always said that the ’85 Chicago Bears need to go away. We’ve been hit over the head with them enough. President Barack Obama doesn’t agree with me. NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton does. And that’s one of the rare times I’ve actually agreed with him on something,

Obama invited the 1985 Super Bowl championship team to visit Washington, D.C., earlier this month. The Bears had been scheduled to meet with President Ronald Reagan way back in January of 1986, but the space shuttle Challenger explosion forced the White House to cancel.

Hampton has said “no thanks.”

Now I’m no fan of Hampton’s analyst work. He says a lot of offensive things on air that

1.) makes him look like a big dumb meathead

2.) he later has to publicly apologize for.

His jokes and slurs about gays shows he doesn’t really need to discuss anything sociopolitical on his shows (and that goes for many other analysts too) And his comparing a New Orleans Saints result to Hurricane Katrina was….OMG, IT’S SO FUNNY! A THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TRAGICALLY DIED AND THE WHOLE CITY WAS DESTROYED! LOL!!! AND COMPARING IT TO A FOOTBALL GAME OUTCOME!!! LMFAO! IT WORKS ON SO MANY LEVELS! ANALOGIZING ENTERTAINMENT WITH A NATURAL DISASTER VERSION OF GENOCIDE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

But despite Hampton’s idiocy and insensitivity, I’m with him on this one. Obama is just invoking a version of executive privilege. Not that you and I wouldn’t do the same thing. Hampton’s excuse for snubbing the Prez is three-fold:

1. wives and children weren’t invited.

I’m with him on this one, but it’s kind of the same thing as saying why are we doing this 26 years later?

2. He doesn’t see eye to eye with the man in charge.

I’ll defend to the death Hampton’s right to say do this, but it’s still the White House. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. But I hated/disagreed with W.’s presidency probably a hundred times more than anybody who isn’t Janeane Garofalo or Michael Moore, and I still would have accepted an invite to the Bush White House. Snubbing doesn’t help anything. It’s the lazy and/or weak man’s way out. Stand up and speak!

Go make your presence felt.

3. He thinks it’s time to let the ’85 Bears go!

Amen brother, 100% with you on this one.

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