CBS Houston fires troll who attacked “fat” Thunder cheerleader



It looks like the controversy between OKC Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams and CBS Houston/blogger Anna-Megan Raley or “Claire Crawford” isn’t going to last in our media cycle. Now that “the eye” has canned Crawford/Raley, this story will be as forgotten as Rebecca Martinson in a couple days. Certainly so by the weekend.

That’s disappointing. Because like Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams herself, this story had legs. And it knows how to use them. And the Thunder cheerleader “thunder thighs” jokes; those can be put to bed now.


I usually side with the media member in fights like these. However, I’m completely on the side of the OKC Thunder cheerleader in this one. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely rip public figures to shreds in my writing. All the time. However, I do it under my own name; with a picture of myself right next to it. If you don’t like what I’ve written about you, hey you know who I am and what I look like. Anna Megan-Raley was “a troll,” hiding in the background and behind a fake persona.


And I only rip those with higher profiles than myself, and/or people who are more relevant than I am. What’s the point of attacking a Thunder cheerleader? I mean she’s no Tim Doyle or anything. Doyle is on tv/radio every other day during basketball season, so for me to trash him is perfectly legit.

Not to mention I rip people for being bad at their jobs only, not because of what they look like. Of course, you could say Kelsey Williams, she’s a Thunder cheerleader, it’s her job to be attractive and not be fat. Maybe you have a point there. Maybe.

Again though, if you’re Raley, this is your game one postseason storyline? This is the NBA playoffs, and this is what you find most compelling? So maybe Raley got what she deserved (you can see what she herself looks like and make your own judgments on her physical appearance here)

Still, the Thunder cheerleader vs. new media member tiff could have been a real feud. It could have been a real story that would have lasted a full week or more. Had the parties involved handled it properly. Instead, the storyline ends today.

Hey, thanks for coming! Anna Megan-Raley/Claire Crawford.

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