White Sox Trade Rumors (Peavy, Rios, Ramirez)


Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox

As the July 31st Major League Baseball trade deadline looms, the White Sox are expected to move at least a couple of players including starting pitcher Jake Peavy.

What are the latest rumors? The Sportsbank has you covered.

Jake Peavy

The White Sox have all but assured Jake Peavy that he is likely to be dealt before the trade deadline. He’s so confident he will be traded that he already packed his belongings from the team’s clubhouse. Regardless of the dollars owed on Peavy’s contract, ($24 million remaining) health concerns would be the biggest risk to a team.

Word is that White Sox GM Rick Hahn is doing the right thing as a GM in an obvious seller’s market and demanding top dollar for Peavy in terms of prospects. Most true White Sox fans hold the same position. If Matt Garza, who will be a free agent after the season, can net a return of 5 prospects, including the 2nd best prospect in the Rangers’ organization, Peavy should be worth at least that?

While Peavy is older than Garza, you can easily argue he has been the better pitcher over his career. Peavy has a career ERA of 3.49 to Garza’s 3.77.

So as the deadline approaches, the Oakland A’s are the current frontrunner.

However if Billy Beane gets cold feet over giving up young talent, something he doesn’t typically do, the Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles or St. Louis Cardinals could slip into the mix. I thinks it’s even possible for a dark horse trade candidate like the Arizona Diamondbacks  to could get into the mix.

Alexei Ramirez

The White Sox have seen the best of Ramirez. The problem is they do not have a shortstop who can step in and play for him immediately. In a rebuild, what should that matter? If the price is right, the White Sox should pull the trigger. The St. Louis Cardinals are the only team interested in him at the moment, but I believe the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are in a dogfight with the Cardinals could renew their interest at the deadline as well. Depending on what happens with the Biogenesis suspensions, the Detroit Tigers could emerge as a dark horse for Alexei.

Alex Rios

Who wouldn’t want an outfielder with a respectable average, power (12 HRs), and speed (22 SBs)?

While there hasn’t been a lot of buzz on Rios as of late, the Pirates and Rangers still need a bat. He could be plugged into either team’s line-up pretty quickly and pay dividends. Perception over his lack of hustle is overblown, mostly in Chicago media. A dark horse location could be the Tampa Bay Rays, who are right in the thick of things after being scorching hot most of July.

Matt Lindstrom

A reliever who throws in the upper 90’s with a respectable ERA could be a valuable piece for most teams seeking bullpen help. While there hasn’t been much buzz on teams seeking relief help, the Atlanta Braves, Tampa Rays could all use upgrades in this area.

Jessie Crain

If it were not for his shoulder injury, Crain would’ve been one of the hottest sought after relievers. Instead now he needs to prove he’s healthy and if dealt would likely be traded after July 31st.

Addison Reed and Gordon Beckham

Fans souring on Beckham, who is quietly putting together a strong season at the plate, may get another chance to rekindle their romance with him. The only team in true need of a second base upgrade in the playoff mix is the Oakland A’s and they appear more interested in pitching. That said, crazy things happen at the trade deadline.

The White Sox wouldn’t want to part with Reed unless they were overwhelmed with an offer. There was speculation the Tigers had interest, but the rumor mill hasn’t churned in that area in a couple of weeks. Reed is one of the more popular players on the White Sox roster, which could be important if in fact their losing carries into next season. Also as the Detroit Tigers just acquired closer Jose Veras from the Houston Astros, Reed to the Tigers seems especially unlikely.



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