Awkward Holiday Video: Chicago Blackhawks as movie characters



Okay, so the acting in this Chicago Blackhawks official holiday video is….well what kind of acting skills do you expect NHL hockey players to have in the first place. And it’s pretty awkward overall. Still this Blackhawks vid is pretty fun to watch.

“Blackhawks @ the movies” even draws on soundbites already made famous from Blackhawks championship rallies. Remember Kris VerSteeg’s terrible attempt at rapping in 2010? He’s Jimmy “B. Rabbit” Smith from “8 Mile.” Duncan Keith sounding like William Wallace in “Braveheart,” even though he didn’t actually quote that movie, in 2013? Well, Duncs reprises the role of Mel Gibson here.


It’s basically three minutes of Blackhawks players kind of dressed up in movie costumes and saying movie quotes, sometimes trying to act, sometimes not. The best comes last with Captain Serious Jonathan Toews as Wolverine. He’s preceded by as With Leather put it:

“Patrick Kane as a gay Anakin Skywalker, Patrick Sharp as the least-threatening Batman ever and Antti Raanta as Billy Zabka in The Karate Kid.”

Of all the Blackhawks, I think Kaner and Tazer, the two most high profile Blackhawks by the way, delivered their lines the best.

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