What will become of BCS with new playoff structure?



Is 2014 the end of the term BCS?

Notre Dame A.D. Jack Swarbrick had an answer. Sort of.

“I have no idea, from time to time we’ve touched on that, and some people want to change, but it’s a brand that’s highly recognized, I would guess for the foreseeable future, whether we cause it to happen or not, it’ll be the term people are using,” he said.

What do you say Brad Edwards the current ESPN BCS analyst?

“I think this is just the next step in the process, and there are a lot of people who hate the BCS, and certainly they have a right to their opinion, and there were a lot of things about the BCS that were not ideal, but if you look back on the BCS, history will say it accomplished a lot, it gave us national championship games that could not have been accomplished in previous years, #1 vs #2 matchups that we couldn’t have had with the previous system. The BCS served as a bridge to a 4 team playoff.”

Very true. The BCS sucks, it’s hated, and for good reason. But it’s still better than the HORRIBLE system in place before it came along.

Will this guy still have a gig?

“I think I’ll still have a job, I’m not sure people will care what I have to say anymore,” he said.

Bill Hancock is a professional PR guy who was perfect for the role needed by the BCS, someone media savvy ,able to absorb all the criticism that the system had heaped upon it.

“There was a lot of tweeting about the name of the event, that was the least of our cocnerns over the past 6 months, they looked at many, many options,” Hancock said about the new name for the new playoff. But how did we finally reach this progress?

“It was the first thing they decided that we have to preserve the regular season, cuz I believe even our harshest critics realize we do have the best regular season in sports, so it’s perfectly justifiable to want to protect it, so when they decided that we could have a 4 team tournament and not hurt the regular season, that was probably the biggest turning point in all the conversations,” he said.

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