New College football playoff officially named ‘College Football Playoff’

(Update: the new college football playoff system has an official name, and it’s “college football playoff”)

So they went literal. To the point. No frills. Short terse direct prose. Like an Ernest Hemingway novel.

Like the book: “Death to the BCS ,” and it’s officially here as the University presidents announced approval of a 4-team seeded playoff for college football last summer.

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What will become of BCS with new playoff structure?


Is 2014 the end of the term BCS?

Notre Dame A.D. Jack Swarbrick had an answer. Sort of.

“I have no idea, from time to time we’ve touched on that, and some people want to change, but it’s a brand that’s highly recognized, I would guess for the foreseeable future, whether we cause it to happen or not, it’ll be the term people are using,” he said.

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Presidents approve BCS consensus on 4 team playoff model


The BCS meetings in Chicago concluded minutes ago with some great news for college football fans: a consensus was reached regarding the four team playoff proposal. A four team seeded playoff model was completely agreed upon, and now the conference commissioners will take it to their University Presidents and Athletic Directors.

(update: the Presidents have met in D.C. and approved the plan)

It appears this model will get approval, as there seems to be a lot of momentum behind it. Most details were not disseminated  to the media, as the conference commissioners mostly agreed that they “didn’t want their University Presidents to learn the details by reading the paper.”

They want to tell them the details in person first.Today’s announcement came in the Camelot Room of the Hotel Intercontinental. Fitting, since this was a “round table” of the most powerful commissioners in college football.

Here’s the official statement, which was just read to the media by Notre Dame A.D. Jack Swarbrick.

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College Football Playoffs: 8, 16 team plans nixed, 4 team plan likely

bcs sucks

Here’s the statement by the eleven college football conference commissioners and the Notre Dame Athletics Director. I trimmed it way down to eliminate all the cliches, corporatespeak, tautologies and double talk.

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