Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten, reports everybody



Not sure who broke this first, as it’s everywhere now: Yahoo, ESPN, Tribune, but the word is Maryland in serious talks with the Big Ten about joining.

And because all conference realignment MUST come in pairs. UM’s partner will be Rutgers, the state University of New Jersey. The Scarlet Knights have really improved their program and they’re pretty good this year.

As for the Terps, they obviously bring ugly uniforms to the conference; and a dysfunctional obsession with their own state flag. They’re also the twin program of the Illini in college basketball. Think about it- they have so much in common with Illinois.

But this is really about tv sets in the D.C. and NYC markets. That’s what the league wants- expanding it’s reach east. And NJ is the nation’s most densely populated state. As for the Terps and Knights, given how down the conference is, it’s the perfect time to join and rack up wins. Adios Big East and ACC.

To quote “Wedding Crashers” “Crab cakes and football- that’s what Maryland does”

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