How did Michigan Wolverines come to explore their name?


Michigan Wolverines is the common household name, comprising at least 29 varsity teams and all belong to the University of Michigan. All these 29 teams compete in both NCAA’s Division I and in the Big Ten Conference except for women’s water polo. The team has a signature color of two types- maize and blue, although the teams possess different shades of “maize” and “blue”.

For the past 20 years (as of the end of 2018-19), Michigan has finished in the top five of the NACDA Directors’ Cup, including 11 previous years out of 20. It has been the success recorded by the University of Michigan in the list of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics. The University of Michigan has finished top 10 of the Director’s Cup while appearing for the twenty of the awards in almost 26 seasons through 2019 and making 5th the best of all nations. You can also check out MI Sportsbook Promos for new players’ updates in Michigan.

michigan wolverines

The history behind the name

Wolverines coined their name simply because of the abundance of the animal in the state of Michigan for some time. There never came the case of verified trapping of a wolverine inside the borders of the state. Earlier there used to be verified sightings of the wild wolverine until the year of February 2004.

Despite this reason, there exists another reason behind the making of the successful Michigan team. Once upon a time, the great Michigan football coach Fielding H. Yost coined a theory regarding the name of the Michigan Wolverines. He came to develop a theory that concerns the trading of wolverine pelts which occurred in Sault St. Marie for many years. 

The trading used to be served between the Indians and other trappers and fur traders, who would eventually ship the products to the centers of the Eastern United States. Because of the presence of many furs and the appearance of the same in the form of wolverine pelts, traders started referring to them as “Michigan Wolverines”. Ultimately, the name was confiscated by the University of Michigan and its representatives.


At the time of war

Back in the 17th century or during the time of 1803, Michigan and Ohio appeared to fall into a border dispute. The dispute started being referred to as the “Toledo War”. The two states got involved in the dispute over the borderlines and it was that time when Michiganders came to call themselves “Wolverines”. 

It is unclear whether the Michigan natives invented the term themselves because of their persistency, determination, and strength in the war or whether the Ohioans came to call them by the same name in return for the aggressiveness of the wolverines. Whatever it was, after that time Michigan started being labeled as the “Wolverine State”. The University of Michigan adopted the nickname because it resembled Michigan.


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