What Big Ten Expansion means for Wisconsin Badgers Football

Unless you live in some vacuum without sports media, you’ve probably heard that Maryland joined the Big Ten Conference on Monday and Rutgers will soon join too.

We’ve heard all about what it means to Maryland, Rutgers and the Big Ten, but what does it exactly mean for the Wisconsin Badgers?

The simple answer is that there’s advantages and disadvantages, but let’s delve a little deeper in to the ramifications.

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Maryland to the Big Ten; probably official this afternoon

maryland terrapin cheerleaders

With numerous press conferences scheduled this afternoon with various Big Ten and University of Maryland officials, it looks like the news is true and the UM add will be official.

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Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten, reports everybody


Not sure who broke this first, as it’s everywhere now: Yahoo, ESPN, Tribune, but the word is Maryland in serious talks with the Big Ten about joining.

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Future Big 10 Expansion Candidates: Rutgers, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame

Big Ten Conference

The Big Ten Council of Presidents/Chancellors (COP/C) met recently to discuss conference expansion.A statement was issued by the Big Ten office today. It was a rather dry statement; and it didn’t say a whole lot, so let’s quickly get through it and move on to the fun stuff.

In response to a number of recent media inquiries received by several Big Ten Presidents and Chancellors regarding the likelihood of further expansion by the Big Ten, the COP/C would like to reiterate that it will not be actively engaged in conference expansion at this time, or at any time in the foreseeable future, barring a significant shift in the current intercollegiate athletic landscape.

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Big 10 Football to Play 9 Game Conference Schedule starting in 2017

Big Ten football announced today that the conference will move to a nine-game Big Ten schedule beginning in 2017.

“Today’s announcement is another significant step for the Big Ten,” Purdue athletics director Morgan Burke said. “Nothing beats two conference teams getting after one another on Saturdays, and I know our fans will embrace the additional Big Ten matchup.”

Only one team in history (the 1983 Illinois Fighting Illini Rose Bowl team) has gone 9-0 in conference. In those days, the league had 10 teams and played every other team once every year. That team will go down as the only squad ever to defeat all other league teams in nine games.

But we’ll see in ’17 if anyone can go 9-0 with 11 other teams in the conference. Here’s how it breaks down:

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Future Big 10 Expansion? Playoff System? Legendary Purdue QB Mark Herrmann’s Thoughts

Former Purdue Boilermakers and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Mark Herrmann was the first to throw for both 8,000 and 9,000 career passing yards. That record has since been broken numerous times, but he’s a perfect example of how the game of college football has evolved. And the perfect person to talk with on where the game is evolving next. I had such a discussion with Herrmann on the day he was enshrined into the college football hall of fame.

“I’m not sure we’re done with Big Ten expansion, there could be a couple more down the line,” he said.

“There was talk of Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse. We would have loved to see Notre Dame come in. That would have solved a lot of issues I think. But I’m not sure that’s going to happen. A number of schools have been bandied about, but it may be a year or two before anything else happens,” Hermann continued.

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Big Ten to Grow Again; Adding Hockey in 2013

The Big Ten is expanding once again, this time in the form of adding a new sport.

On Monday it was announced that the Big Ten would be adding hockey as a conference affiliated sport starting in the 2013-14 winter season.

The Big Ten hockey conference will be made up of six teams; Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Penn State will be the initial members of the league. [Read more…]

An Unorthodox way to Form Big 10 Divisions

Big Ten Conference

As Conference Commissioner Jim Delany noted at Media Day, BIG changes are on the way in the Big Ten. There will be a conference championship game in 2011, a nine game conference schedule will be here soon, and we’ll need to split into two divisions in order to make that happen. So how will be go about forming these two divisions?

By Paul M. Banks

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What Is The Big Ten’s Next Expansion Move?

With Nebraska in the fold (and Zombie Tom Osborne apparently their athletic director — seriously, he looks undead in that photo!), The Big Ten has some decisions to make.

Do they stay at 12 teams? Do they continue to expand as all their major conference counterparts frantically do the same, or do they save themselves?

Do they have any clue what they even want to do, or what they want to be?? [Read more…]

What does Nebraska Basketball Bring to Big Ten? Not Much.

Nebraska basketball

Nebraska is officially a member of the Big Ten… or whatever it will end up being called after all the dust has settled.  While the move makes sense both financially and to improve the quality of football in the conference, the switch does absolutely nothing for college basketball.

By: David Kay
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Introducing my Chicago Now blog Big Ten Guru

chicago now

Like Jay-Z famously said: “I’m not a business man, I’m a business; MAN!” I may be a small business owner and entrepreneur first, but after that I’m a journalist who graduated from Illinois, did the first year of his MBA at Michigan State, and is currently a fixture at press row for Northwestern sporting events. So I have a close connection to three of the league’s teams. As the Big Ten expands into a super-conference, it takes someone this entrenched in the league to write about it.

In two days, the first step of expansion will likely become official when Nebraska joins the league. And as it all unfolds, I’m very excited and grateful that I’ll have a chance to opine on it, and possibly reach an even bigger audience with these opinions.

That’s right I’ve officially joined the Chicago Tribune’s blog network Chicago Now. With an all Big Ten site named Big Ten Guru

By Paul M. Banks


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