Maryland to the Big Ten; probably official this afternoon

maryland terrapin cheerleaders

With numerous press conferences scheduled this afternoon with various Big Ten and University of Maryland officials, it looks like the news is true and the UM add will be official.

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Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten, reports everybody


Not sure who broke this first, as it’s everywhere now: Yahoo, ESPN, Tribune, but the word is Maryland in serious talks with the Big Ten about joining.

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#39 Rutgers Scarlet Knights: College Football 77 in 77

jersey shore

There’s a flood watch in effect on the Jersey shore. Kyle Flood takes over the Scarlet Knights football program at Rutgers, the state school of New Jersey. Can he succeed where Greg Schiano failed, and win the Big East? Is Rutgers a true Big East contender?

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Bill Belichick’s Son Joins Rutgers Football Team

Stephen Belichick, the son of legendary New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, has a new gig. (Yes indeed, Darth Sweatshirt has offspring, in case you didn’t know). Belichick the Younger will long snap for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights this season, according to the Newark Star-Ledger via Lost Lettermen.

For our Rutgers season preview go here

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College Football 77 in 77: #63 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

It’s a “Jersey thing” right? I’m SO GLAD the “Jersey Shore” trend is dying out. Haven’t we spent enough time glorifying the lowest elements of our society? I bet the fan base, faculty, students and alumni of New Jersey’s state University hate those guidoes and guidettes besmirching the state’s name too.

Imagine if you’re from Jersey, and when you travel, people ask you where you’re from, what likely gets said first?

Putty from “Seinfeld” was a much better cultural ambassador. He loved his hockey as much as he loved talking in 5 words or less increments: “WE’RE THE DEVILS!”

As for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights themselves, last year was a big step backward, as they missed a bowl game for the first time in six years. In the past decade, this college football program has taken a leap. To show that the change is here to stay, they’ll need to bounce back to a bowl in 2011. If the nation’s worst offensive line shows any substantial improvement, and the new stud RB in town is legit, then it could happen. After all, they do play in the Big Least, where wins aren’t all that difficult to come by.

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