2016 NFL mock draft 12-8-15


This 2016 NFL mock draft order is loosely based off the order derived at SB Nation. They took current record plus strength of schedule into account. We then made a few changes based on how current injuries could impact the team and their final season record.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account. We played fast and loose with that because it’s still quite early. So many of these picks are “Best player available.”

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Britt McHenry and the annual NFL Draft week “April Surprise”


The NFL Draft unites as a nation; a record 32 million tuned in for the 2014 edition. You know what else unites us- a story that comes from far out in left field and appeals to our most basic instincts. The NFL Draft is an institution, and with it NFL mock drafts are clickbait.

You can’t help it. You can’t stop it. You have to click and see what player the media outlet has projected to your team.

You know what else is clickbait- attractive women behaving badly. A really scandalous story makes for “an internet sensation,” or “going viral.” It’s the cyber version of what we used to call “water cooler talk.” Mock drafts get a ton of page views, but every year in the past four we’ve seen a story involving an attractive woman move the needle even more than mock drafts during NFL Draft season.

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34 of the worst ever NFL Draft cliches

jon gruden chicago bears

By today, all the soundbites for every NFL draft prospect now run together into an indecipherable word salad. Actually, it all becomes gobbedly-gook well before this week, due to the over-usage of cliches. All the Draftniks do it: Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay, Mike Mayock, and Jon Gruden most of all.

Gruden speaks with a much higher buzz word/NFL draft catch-phrase per sentence percentage than anyone. If I sat down and watched Gruden’s show again, this list would be four times as long.

Let’s get the NFL Draft cliche party started.

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2015 NFL Mock Draft 4-30-15 (FINAL)


UPDATE: new photos of Draft Town from the areas not yet open to the public. Media Preview at this link

Mel Kiper Jr. said on a recent call that he began doing Draft analysis back in 1978, and he was just one of three guys who was doing it 37 years ago. The 2015 NFL mock draft database on Walter Football, the largest collection on the internet, has 357 mock drafts. The NBA database on WF has just 24 mocks.

Also, you’ll want to check out our 2015 NBA mock draft and our 2016 NBA mock draft. As well as our 2016 NFL mock draft.

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2015 NFL Draft Town Chicago: everything you need to know

nfl draft town

UPDATE: new photos of Draft Town from the areas not yet open to the public. Media Preview at this link

Having the NFL Draft in Chicago could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. (“Sliced bread having been invented the previous winter” -Abe Simpson)

Or it could be an enormous disaster that will spawn dozens of horrifying headlines.

Or something in between.

Or all of these things all at the same time.

Because Draft Town, a ginormous fan fest that’s never been done in concordance with the NFL Draft, only with the Super Bowl, will be lab tested with Chicago as its petri dish.

Chicago is a city known for graft, corruption, police brutality, public intoxication and a sometimes dysfunctional obsession with sports. Yes, you could say the same exact thing about most big cities, but hey, what could go wrong?

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NFL Draft Town photo preview, Draft nuggets and tidbits


We previewed NFL Draft Town in detail earlier this week. However, that wasn’t enough. The NFL Draft is such a huge sporting event that it’s actually two sporting events. It’s the only day on the calendar that unites all NFL fans, and all college football fans.

It’s the only sporting event that actually airs on two networks. And viewership and interest continues to grow larger every year! So we had to do a second Draft Town, NFL Draft fest preview. Yesterday, we stopped by and got a chance to see some areas that aren’t open to the public yet.

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Mike Mayock: only adult here evaluating Jameis Winston

mike mayock randy gregory

Endless hours of NFL Draft analysis on every network and yet we hear so little about what matters most. It seems like it’s a consensus now- Jameis Winston is going first overall to Tampa Bay. Yes, Jameis Winston, who’s facing a civil suit over an alleged rape.

Winston, who’s initial rape charges were reduced to sexual assault charges only because school and local authorities were lax in investigating. Not to make a Federal case out of this, but, oh yeah that’s right, there is a Federal investigation into how Tallahassee and Florida State police handled the Jameis Winston rape charges.

And just about every media figure, outside of NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, just “doesn’t get it.”

Mayock is figuratively, the only adult here when it comes to evaluating Winston.

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Exploring every Marcus Mariota NFL Draft scenario possible


Marcus Mariota will likely go first or second overall in this draft. The former Oregon Ducks QB is a tremendous wild card; on numerous levels. This is also the first NFL Draft in which Chip Kelly has absolute power in building his Philadelphia Eagles roster. That makes this draft one of the least predictable ever.

Kelly’s ways and Mariota’s presence means your NFL mock draft will likely get shredded into a million little pieces on Thursday night.

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Marcus Mariota is new consensus #1 overall draft pick


So Marcus Mariota has now supposedly supplanted Jameis Winston as the projected #1 overall NFL Draft pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the end of this month? Can’t say I’m surprised. When you have a choice between two Hesiman winning dual threat quarterbacks why wouldn’t you pick the apparently model citizen off the field? You know instead of the guy that all of America views as an immature, poor decision making brat at best, a rapist who was let off the hook at worst.

Sorry #FSUTwitter that’s how the entire nation outside of the state of Florida looks at Winston.

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Marcus Mariota isn’t “pro ready” enough to be #1 overall


Can former Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota pull a Cam Netwon?

Win the Heisman and then become the #1 overall NFL draft pick?

Mariota certainly has all the measurables, numbers, tools and statistics to accomplish this exceedingly rare feat. The 6’4″ 212 pound signal caller from Honolulu, Hawaii has INSANELY good stats, but he’s not as pro ready.

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Two Oregon Ducks, not named Mariota, who will be 1st round picks


Let’s get Ducknuts when talking about the Oregon Ducks in the Championship game, and later a couple of Oregon Ducks in the NFL Draft. You know Marcus Mariota could quite possibly become the first overall pick in the NFL Draft.

However, there are two Oregon Ducks players that should also be sure-fire first rounders that you haven’t heard of.

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PSU QB Christian Hackenberg: high NFL Draft stock, poor stats

Christian Hackenberg

In just two years at Penn State, so much has been said about starting Quarterback Christian Hackenberg. The reigning Big Ten freshman of the year has been hyped up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s also been hit with the “overrated” label. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. extolled his virtues as a future professional signal caller.

Kirk Herbstreit sees the NFL in his future as well. 

As this 19 year old kid from rural Virginia fulfills his lifelong dream of being the Nittany Lions QB1, he’s enduring the slings and arrows that come with being in such a high profile position. The team’s record and statistics show a regression, not just with Hack, but the whole team. Hackenberg’s tangibles and skill sets remain steady. Perhaps he’s developing them further. However, everything else around him is like his production; in dramatic decline.

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