Brutally honest B1G Basketball rankings; Bo Ryan supreme overlord

bo-ryan-big ten basketball

As Tom Izzo pointed out Wednesday night in Chicago, Bo Ryan and the Badgers are sitting up top, and then you can flip a coin 2-10 in the Big Ten this season. That’s entirely correct. The Badgers are the class of the league. There’s a whole bunch of teams that are in the NCAA Tourney and NIT mix in (2-10) in the second tier. Then there’s a third tier of teams that won’t be going to the post season.

So enjoy it Bo Ryan, you’re in the penthouse.

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EXCLUSIVE: OSU legend Archie Griffin talks Crisis at Michigan


Archie Griffin is an Ohio State Buckeyes legend, and the only man to ever win two Heisman trophies.

I caught up to him Wednesday night at the Hilton Tower in Chicago. Archie was the featured speaker as the Anti Defamation League presented Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany with a lifetime achievement award.

With Archie Griffin we talked about the Bengals but also the current crisis going on at the University of Michigan.

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Fox Sports Analyst BRUTALLY SLAMS Michigan over handling of concussion


Michigan is in full category 5 crisis mode right now. Although you wouldn’t know anything about that if all you watched was Big Ten Network. If you weren’t already certain that BTN is a league PR firm and not a news outlet before, their minimalist coverage of the Michigan drama drives the point home now. Every sports network, other than BTN, is leading their college football shows with Michigan coverage everyday. And justifiably so.

The UM fiasco has crossed over into mainstream news or “hard news” as well. Brady Hoke, Dave Brandon and their cronies are being ripped apart by talking heads left and right. Here’s another slam. This comes from a Fox Sports 1 Analyst. By the way, Fox and BTN have a partnership, FYI.

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Sources: Michigan Wolverines prefer John Harbaugh over Jim


(UPDATE: tensions between the Niners players and Jim Harbaugh rise)

(UPDATE: Jim Harbaugh considered candidate for Oakland Raiders job)

Regarding the Michigan Wolverines program, the question now is “Will Head Coach Brady Hoke and Athletic Director Dave Brandon still have their jobs next month?” As bad as Hoke’s mishandling of his starting QB’s concussion was, how he explained it to the press afterwardmade him look even worse. Then you had the A.D. trying to minimize the P.R. damage by sending out a confusing press release at 1 in the morning that only dug themselves into a deeper hole.

When a hashtag mocking your A.D. is trending worldwide, and the media who cover the program everyday believe Hoke’s days will be ending very soon (they’re saying days, not weeks now), you have a broken program. Going 1-8 versus opponents from the power five conferences since November just drives the point home. Fox Sports lead college football analyst had some really harsh words for how the program handled this. 

So now we can move on to predicting who the next man leading the Michigan Wolverines will be.

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Michigan Wolverines A.D. OBLITERATED by Twitter Hashtag


Michigan Wolverines Athletic Director Dave Brandon is probably as much a dead man walking as Head Coach Brady Hoke. Although you wouldn’t know this by watching the Big Ten Network, as they intentionally have their heads in the sand. Normally, I wouldn’t bother slamming the BTN because I know what it actually is: a television version of a press release. It’s league marketing material, not league news.

However, the BTN continues to market itself as a place that provides “updates” and “keeps you informed.” Even though, in actuality it dumbs you down. The BTN didn’t even address the likely concussion of Michigan Wolverines QB Shane Morris until a full 48 hours after everyone else in the media did.

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Michigan FINALLY ADMITS QB Shane Morris has a concussion


Of course, Michigan sent out their press release giving us an update on the health of Shane Morris at 1:02 AM EST, when 99% of their media, fans and everyone else connected to their program would be sleeping.

Of course, they tried to put some kind of Karl Rovian or Frank Luntzian language manipulation into that release.

Of course, they tried to spin the Shane Morris concussion into being something other than it was, and just ended up with nothing more than word vomit.

Of course, Brady Hoke and Dave Brandon are dead man walking. No way their jobs can survive this.

And of course #ThanksDaveBrandon

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Sources speculate Michigan will fire Brady Hoke within weeks


Pretty much everyone believes that Michigan Wolverines coach Brady Hoke is a dead man walking. The 26-10 home loss to Utah made that sentence the conventional wisdom and yesterday’s embarrassing blowout at the hands of Minnesota at home has only strengthened this belief. Three sources in the media, including one who covers the team every day, told The Sports Bank last night that Brady Hoke could be fired within two weeks.

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VIDEO: Brady Hoke mishandles QB health issues, makes very tone deaf soundbite


Shane Morris replaced Devin Gardner as Michigan starting quarterback and he had an extremely rough day. He went just 7-19 passing for 49 yards and was clearly injured on this play here. Then he suffered a shot to the head causing him to wobble around and display concussion type symptoms. Yet Brady Hoke let stay in for another play.

Watch the video:

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Jim Harbaugh taking over Michigan next year seems even more likely

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-chicago-bears

In all likelihood, when we talk about Jim Harbaugh at this time next year, he will be coach of the Michigan Wolverines, not the San Francisco 49ers. As we’ve chronicled, Harbaugh’s days in Frisco are numbered. Michigan is a train wreck right now, especially on offense. Given the high standards they have in Ann Arbor, the 2014 edition of the Michigan Wolverines look even worse.

So it looks like Brady Hoke will be given his pink slip sooner rather than later.

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PHOTO: Tom Brady posts his college resume online


Tom Brady is the all time NFL Draft “Horatio Alger” story. As a sixth round pick, the New England Patriots did not expect much from him.  No one in the entire NFL did.

Considering that the NFL Draft is only seven rounds long, at pick #199 he came very close to going un-drafted in 2000. Had that occurred, the University of Michigan graduate would have faced very long odds to catch on in the NFL as a free agent.

Of course, the history of football wrote a very different story.

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Best tweets hilariously slamming Big ten football last night


Was it the worst day in Big 10 football history yesterday? Perhaps.

Was it the worst day in the history of Big Ten football from a national perception/brand damage stand point? Absolutely. No doubt it was nothing short of catastrophic. I did a cover story for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition previewing and predicting this season in August. (link here) I also listed the biggest story-lines. I did not have “Big Ten football will resemble a bunch of mediocre mid-majors by week two” as one one of them.

If you don’t turn on the Big Ten Network again until basketball season, no one would blame you. Well, it’s worth it to see Teddy Greenstein do his work (Dave Revsine and Gerry Di Nardo are very talented too), but non Tedward reasons to watch BTN are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that this league’s broadcast arm of its Sports Information Department exists. Because now you can see games that would otherwise never be televised.

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Michigan Wolverines season preview with Pollack and Palmer


Not high on the Michigan Wolverines? Can’t say I blame you- I’m not picking them to win the division, even with Ohio State down for the count now as Braxton Miller is out for the season.

Here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how Michigan football finds their identity. I joined them on media conference call yesterday to get an overall outlook on where the season could be headed.

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