Top Five Michigan football Coaching candidates

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-michigan-football

The Florida Gators will lead the coaching carousel this silly season, but the Michigan football head coaching job will likely be next. Then Illinois, Kansas and Virginia will battle for third choice. (Indiana will be next after them).

Basically, Brady Hoke can’t be fired until after the new year, because of financial concerns. They could likely fire him on January 1, 2015, but it probably won’t be before then. According to Hoke’s contract, signed on March 28, 2011, he will be owed $2 million to buy out the remaining two years (2015, 2016) left on his contract. The second to last year of his deal begins on January 1. Firing him at any time in 2014 would cost that $2 million, plus the buyout amount.

Still the Michigan football program can just do all of this back-channel. And they likely will. So Wolverines supporters should be ready for a new regime.

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Oakland Raiders more likely for Jim Harbaugh than Michigan

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-ian-rapoport

Jim Harbaugh to the Michigan Wolverines next year? Not so fast. It turns out the Oakland Raiders could actually be the landing spot for the man forever in pleated discount khakis. There are sports books taking bets on where Jim Harbaugh will coach next season. (Here are the latest odds). Also, the Bob Stoops to Michigan rumors are starting to gain more momentum. (Here’s the latest on that)

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Michigan kicks Frank Clark off the team for domestic abuse charges


As if Brady Hoke and the Michigan Wolverines need any more drama this year. This nightmare season has produced yet another Outside-the-lines type storyline. Now Frank Clark is the latest awful episode to occur under the watch of Brady Hoke.

According to MLive:

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Bob Stoops to Michigan rumors gaining steam


Is Bob Stoops going to be the next coach of the Michigan Wolverines? Well, some supposed media “insiders” seem to think so. (Of course, “insider” is a word like “troll,” it’s lost all meaning since everyone misuses it these days) “Big game Bob” might bolt for Ann Arbor. On the other hand, it could just be Stoops’ people sending out feelers through the media so that Stoops has more leverage at OU.

So this could be a way to increase his salary/status. Or it could be the real thing given that we know Brady Hoke will be fired. Given the nature of his contract buyout, Hoke’s job is likely safe until January 1st.

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2015 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

2015 final four

It is tip-off week for the 2014-15 college basketball season.  Here is an extremely early projection of the 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracketology.   You will notice on the Bracket Matrix grades that The Sports Bank’s bracketology has been more accurate than ESPN’s Joe Lunardi four of the past five years.

UPDATED: 10/10/14
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Brady Hoke likely won’t be fired until 2015 begins


Lane Kiffin, as much an anybody, probably embodies the notion of “failing upward.” In both college football and sports in general. You know what “failing upward” is. For further clarification…look at the CV of George W. Bush. No one embodies “failing upward” more than Bush 43.  Brady Hoke seems to fly under the radar on this topic. Instead, everyone talks about his imminent firing. (We’ll get to that in a moment)

But what’s over-looked is that Hoke shouldn’t even have been here in the first place. He wasn’t qualified.

This tweet from Grand Rapids radio personality Len O’Kelly sums up Michigan’s “win” yesterday.

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UGLIEST. GAME. EVER. Michigan Wolverines 10, NU Wildcats 9


The Michigan Wolverines and Northwestern Wildcats truly deserve each other. Rod Flanders once said on The Simpsons “lies made baby Jesus cry.” So does looking at the box score from this abomination. So I’ll spare you the numbers and statistics. Trust me, they’re hideous and you really don’t want to see them. Trust me- you don’t.

Of course, the facts and figures and numbers will somehow be fed to you anyway.

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Michigan Wolverines vs Northwestern: Jim Phillips Bowl II Preview

jim phillips-northwestern-football

As the Michigan Wolverines try to salvage their season and begin life anew with their interim Athletic Director, Northwestern looks to try salvage…..??? NU Coach Pat Fitzgerald did use the phrase “embrace the suck” at his press conference Monday which tells you all you need to know about how the season has been so far. You know about the crisis at Michigan.

Therefore, yes an Athletic Director, Dr. Jim Phillips, is in fact leading the A block of story lines surrounding this game. Neither team is bowling this year. The Detroit bowl doesn’t count. No one cares, and I mean no one cares about whatever new name the Motor City Bowl has this year.

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Jim Phillips becoming Michigan’s new Athletic Director? Why and why not


ESPN’s Joe Schad broke the news early Saturday morning that Northwestern Athletic Director Jim Phillips is a candidate for the recently vacated Michigan Athletic Director position. Then NU kicked off at Iowa and the Wildcats failed to show up. Northwestern had quite possibly the ugliest performance of the Pat Fitzgerald era yesterday. Maybe the 2010 visit to Wisconsin was worse; it’s debatable.

NU certainly played like a team without leadership, whether that’s on the coordinators, or on Fitzgerald, or related to the fact that the leader of the athletic program could be leaving for a bigger and better job…only people in the inner circle know for sure. Anything outsiders say is just speculation.

Continuing on this spirit of speculation, here’s why Jim Phillips leaving NU for Michigan makes sense. And also why it doesn’t.

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Brian Griese on the current state of Michigan football


ESPN had a media conference call with a couple of their leading college football pundits, Brian Griese and Mack Brown, to discuss the first college football rankings. One of the Michigan football beat writers was on it, and she asked Griese, a former Michigan QB, a few questions about the sad state of the Wolverines right now.

For lovers of Michigan football it’s been a disastrous autumn, Griese sympathizes and empathizes.

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Caris LeVert will be Michigan basketball’s alpha dog this year


We know Ann Arbor is a place where basketball season doesn’t typically start until Mid-January. It’s the opposite in places like Champaign and Bloomington; basketball season begins in October there. However, when you look at how talented Caris LeVert and the rest of his Michigan Wolverines teammates truly are, the UM faithful need to start paying more attention.

Especially when you consider that both Michigan football Coach Brady Hoke and Athletic Director Dave Brandon (Chris Christie and Rick Perry lookalikes) are proverbial dead men walking.

Let’s talk Michigan basketball.

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Michigan Wolverines A.D. Dave Brandon resigns


We already knew that Michigan Wolverines Athletic Director Dave Brandon is a dead man walking; just like Head Coach Brady Hoke. Michigan President Mark Schlissel will host a news conference at 130 eastern and it is being widely reported that Dave Brandon will step down. Happy Halloween Michigan Wolverines football fans.

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