#10 Michigan Football vs #8 Ohio St THE GAME Preview

michigan football vs. ohio state

Back in the summer, who would have guessed that Michigan football would actually be favored over the big, bad Buckeyes. They’re not heavy favorites though and the line could still move a lot between now and kickoff. The spread actually doesn’t matter all that much in THE GAME anyway.

Weird stuff happens in rivalry clashes.

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Jim Harbaugh gets big praise from Ohio St. Legend


I once received a compliment while in the midst of a very ugly and brutal break-up (Not that any break-ups are pleasant). My thought the next day was: “wow, that nice thing she said to me must REALLY be true, because she still said it even though she hates me more than any other individual human being on this Earth.”

That’s legit praise right there. Likewise when one of the greatest heroes in Ohio State lore compliments a Michigan Man through and through.

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2016 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

final four logo

The 2016 college basketball tournament tips off this week.  Here is a pre-season NCAA Tournament Bracketology.   You will notice on the Bracket Matrix grades that The Sports Bank’s bracketology has been more accurate than ESPN’s Joe Lunardi five of the past six years. [Read more…]

#12 Michigan football game preview: #7 Michigan St.


Las Vegas did Michigan State fans a huge solid by making the Spartans a touchdown underdog. No fan base in all of college football embraces the Chicago White Sox style “second team in the region” chip on the shoulder as much as MSU does. That chip defines them.

Michigan football- it is the Evil Empire to the Spartans. This game is always the Super Bowl to State, but this year is much bigger in that ESPN College Gameday comes to Ann Arbor for this one. Just to make Sparty even more amped, they’ve been deemed huge underdogs.

The sports books have given Michigan State bulletin board material now.

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Tom Izzo rips Michigan fan “idiots” who vandalized Magic Johnson statue


“Oh ho ho it’s magic…you know. Never believe it’s not so. It’s magic; you know.” (Apologies to 1975 one-hit wonder “Pilot”).

Seriously, show some respect to Magic Johnson. Think about all that Earvin Magic Johnson has done to grow the game of college basketball, and the NBA for that matter.

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#18 Michigan Football vs #13 Northwestern preview, prediction

jim-harbaugh-michigan football

Get ready for the “Who’s the third best team in the Big Ten Bowl?”

It’s the Northwestern Wildcats versus Michigan football in a top-20 matchup featuring a pair of the Big Ten’s best defensive units. The Wildcats are coming off of a shutout win against Minnesota, and have only allowed three touchdowns in five games this season. They yield just five points per game on average.

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Hurricane Joaquin changes Illinois-Nebraska, Michigan-Maryland start times


Hurricane Joaquin is baring down on the Eastern seaboard, and right now, people aren’t quite sure which way the tropical storm is going to travel. At least, the experts differed in opinion as of last night. This is a very fluid situation. It could be upgraded to a Category 4 storm by the time you read this, but downgraded to a Category 1 by the time it makes landfall, which should be in the Carolinas or Virginia sometime Monday.

Hurricane Joaquin is a major national weather event that will impact several states; far beyond the eastern seaboard and south. The Midwest will get slammed with torrential downpours.

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Media man-crush on Jim Harbaugh getting absurd


Jim Harbaugh is the college football equivalent of a beauty pageant winner or actress/model. The attention is always on him, and the more you can’t have him, the more you want him. His press conferences are painfully boring and ludicrously uninformative, yet he’s receiving Johnny Manziel in 2013 level media coverage.

No this is way worse than Manziel. The media has a boner over Jim Harbaugh that rivals the boner Woody Allen has over the city of New York. Remember, Harbaugh is not an entertainer, or a comedian. It’s not his job to be interesting or funny.

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Big Ten football: 14 things to know this season

big ten football

It’s truly astounding how rapidly Big Ten football ‘s reputation has changed. Last September, the league embarrassed itself during non-conference season. Yet by January, the league was able to boast of a dominant New Year’s Day bowl performance, the national champion Ohio State Buckeyes, and college football’s most high profile coach.

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Jim Harbaugh is totally right about Twitter trolls


Most coaches are on Twitter, verified blue check mark and all, but most don’t actually do the Tweeting. It’s usually a member of the Sports Information Department who runs it, writes and publishes the Tweets. Jim Harbaugh says he does his own Tweets and given the way he answered questions about the micro-blogging platform, I believe him.

The way he articulated his experiences with trolls, it definitely sounds authentic.

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Jabril Peppers, Wayne Lyons give Michigan Wolverines future NFL DBs

jabril peppers

The Hullabalooza over Jim Harbaugh overshadows everything else that’s a part of Michigan Wolverines football this season, and that’s a shame because we have plenty of other topics to discuss. No, the Wolverines won’t be that good. They were 5-7 last year and their incoming recruiting class was ravaged by the regime change.

But they do have a world class secondary, led by their pair of future maize and blue chip NFL prospect cornerbacks Wayne Lyons and Jabril Peppers.

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Michigan players acknowledge the Harbaugh Media Circus


Reporters need to stop trying to make coaches and players write their stories for them. Every Media Day the extremely leading and tiredly predictable questions come, and the self-reflexive bait is never taken. Coaches and players are smart enough not to play along with the already established narratives that pertain to them. You have to ask other individuals that question

Newly installed Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh obviously knows there’s a HUGE media circus around him, but he’s not going to admit it! He has to have a sense of humility. Take a look at this picture; which indeed says a 1,000 words.

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