PHOTO: Tom Brady posts his college resume online


Tom Brady is the all time NFL Draft “Horatio Alger” story. As a sixth round pick, the New England Patriots did not expect much from him.  No one in the entire NFL did.

Considering that the NFL Draft is only seven rounds long, at pick #199 he came very close to going un-drafted in 2000. Had that occurred, the University of Michigan graduate would have faced very long odds to catch on in the NFL as a free agent.

Of course, the history of football wrote a very different story.

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Best tweets hilariously slamming Big ten football last night


Was it the worst day in Big 10 football history yesterday? Perhaps.

Was it the worst day in the history of Big Ten football from a national perception/brand damage stand point? Absolutely. No doubt it was nothing short of catastrophic. I did a cover story for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition previewing and predicting this season in August. (link here) I also listed the biggest story-lines. I did not have “Big Ten football will resemble a bunch of mediocre mid-majors by week two” as one one of them.

If you don’t turn on the Big Ten Network again until basketball season, no one would blame you. Well, it’s worth it to see Teddy Greenstein do his work (Dave Revsine and Gerry Di Nardo are very talented too), but non Tedward reasons to watch BTN are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that this league’s broadcast arm of its Sports Information Department exists. Because now you can see games that would otherwise never be televised.

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Michigan Wolverines season preview with Pollack and Palmer


Not high on the Michigan Wolverines? Can’t say I blame you- I’m not picking them to win the division, even with Ohio State down for the count now as Braxton Miller is out for the season.

Here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how Michigan football finds their identity. I joined them on media conference call yesterday to get an overall outlook on where the season could be headed.

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SPOILER ALERT: Michigan Wolverines kick C’sonte York out


UPDATE: York kicked off the team

The most cliche and painfully over-used euphemism for misconduct in college athletics is “violation of team rules.” It’s the most pervasive of all the meaningless PR catch-phrases spouted by University spokespeople whenever a player is suspended or kicked out of school. Because of that, I never ever use it any of my articles. Some college football teams use different buzzwords and corporatespeak to announce incidents of malfeasance though.

Michigan Wolverines wide receiver Csont’e York was indefinitely suspended prior to the start of fall camp earlier this month for “failure to meet team standards.”

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PHOTO: Michigan Wolverines football REALLY HATED in Nevada


There must be a lot of Ohio transplants living in Las Vegas. Maybe some Ohio State and Michigan State alumni snowbirds have relocated to Sin City. How else do you explain the hatred the state of Nevada has for Michigan Wolverines football?

Take a look at the Reddit college football tweetpic of their poll, in map form:

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PHOTOS: Michigan Wolverines unveil new all blue uniforms


The Michigan Wolverines football program unveiled today  the new “Go Blue” TECHFIT football uniform the Wolverines will wear for the night game against Penn State on Saturday, Oct. 11, at Michigan Stadium.

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Michigan DB Jabrill Peppers: most hyped up player you’ve never heard of


Big Ten Media Day was a “slow news day” this year. You’ve probably noticed that given the lack of interesting articles and segments that emerged from that day in Chicago at the end of last month. If I didn’t ask Bo Pelini about his cat, I’m not sure any of us would have had much to say at all. In six hours of stump speeches, and a sprinkle of Q&A, nothing Earth shattering was unveiled.

Jim Delaney and Urban Meyer, the most poweful and polarizing figures in the league, were probably the least interesting of all. The lack of compelling narratives from that day long affair left the only new addition to the Michigan secondary, Jabrill Peppers as one of the top headlines.

Yes, a freshman DB that no one, outside of hard core college football recruiting geeks, and the most devoted in #GoBlue Nation, had heard of was one of the best topics of discussion.

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Michigan Wolverines: no Fitzgerald or Hemingway this season


In Ann Arbor the offense did struggle.

The interior of the line was subpar.

While the Tackles had talent. Overall, the line had serious issues.

The coordinator was replaced. The new one came in from Alabama.

A new starting tailback must be found.

The running game was already a waste land.

Okay, that’s enough writing like Ernest Hemingway. I’m not even going to attempt to do a paragraph like F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’m not in the same stratosphere of writing talent as Scott was. Michigan Wolverines tailback Fitzgerald Toussaint, a three year starter in Ann Arbor, needs to be replaced. Now he’ll try to catch on with the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, and see if the son also rises.

And of course Junior Hemingway finished his college football career in 2012. He caught a couple TD passes for the K.C. Chiefs last season. So now there’s no Fitzgerald or Hemingway Up in Michigan. A farewell to arms for these two offensive weapons. We’ll see if Doug Nussmeier can generate a moveable feast of total yardage in 2014.

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Devin Funchess will be key to Michigan Wolverines offense


Poppa Doc will get legitimate street cred before Michigan fans feel secure in their offense again. Yes, for this Devin Funchess /  Wolverines feature, I made a couple “8 Mile” references. Just warning you now, as you lose yourself in the moment reading about a Detroit team.

Funchess moves to wide receiver in 2014 after appearing in the first 26 games of his career at tight end. Last season he was named the Big Ten Tight End of the Year and he’ll have to carry the load for the O this year. More importantly, he’s a guy that belongs in your NFL mock draft. At least he belongs in mine.

And I am one of those people who talks about NFL mock drafts in August. I know I know for some of you reading that makes you want to pull a Cheddah Bob and shoot yourself. Kind of like how you feel on the commute to Michigan Stadium.

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VIDEO: Glory Glory Man United on Michigan Stadium jumbotron

man-united-real madrid

You’ve heard and probably sang Glory Glory Man United hundreds of times, but have you every heard it played in front of 109,318 people? Followed by the noise of a crowd cheering wildly?

Yes, you’ve never heard the battle hymn of the republic quite like this. The playing of Glory Glory Man United on the Michigan Stadium jumbotron, following Manchester United’s 3-1 victory over Real Madrid in a preseason friendly in Ann Arbor, MI. Video below:

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Man United, Real Madrid add $20 million to Michigan economy


Manchester United Manager Louis van Gaal brought up the commercial importance of the Man United summer tour in the United States during his press conference at Michigan Stadium. He even mentioned the shirt sponsor, Chevrolet, by name. When United came to the city where Chevrolet was founded they injected a huge amount of money into the local economy, supposedly.

Obviously, the draw of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo had a lot to do with that too. According to notes that were handed to me and other media members in the press box on Saturday, “the estimated economic impact for Washtenaw County could reach $15-20 million.”

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PHOTO: United Asst Ryan Giggs and Mich QB Devin Gardner


Here you can see that Michigan Wolverines QB Devin Gardner met both Man United Assistant Manager Ryan Giggs and living legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Gardner also caught and threw passes with Los Blancos, and posed for a picture with Gareth Bale.

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