Patrick Kane coverage has seen some serious mistakes

patrick kane

The Buffalo News is doing most of the actual reporting in the Patrick Kane rape accusation story, and with that great power comes great responsibility. Kane is a demigod in Buffalo, just like he is in Chicago, so reporting on an issue this sensitive involving him requires more than a bit of courage by definition.

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Court of Patrick Kane public opinion is in session

Patrick Kane

Writing about the Patrick Kane situation is not for the faint of heart. It’s not an endeavor to be taken lightly. Yesterday, we covered the Patrick Kane rape allegations and how this story changes public perception of the Chicago Blackhawks superstar.

When a story this huge comes along, it’s a very difficult situation for columnists everywhere.

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Patrick Kane shouldn’t have been your hero to begin with

patrick kane

Charles Barkley got it right in the early ’90s when he said- “athletes aren’t role models.”

Right now, many parents of kids with #88 Chicago Blackhawks sweaters are learning or re-learning this lesson. A lot of grown up adults are getting a re-education as well.  What’s even sadder is the fact that it’s Patrick Kane providing the teachable moment.

This isn’t “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

This is “Kaner.”

He’s a man who was already arrested for an assault. He’s a person possessing a party reputation befitting the Social Chair of the wildest fraternity on campus.

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Patrick Kane being investigated for rape

patrick kane

Chicago winter sports icon Patrick Kane is under investigation for rape. Yes, you read that correctly. Local authorities in the Buffalo area are looking into events that occurred this past weekend in Hamburg, New York. Patrick Kane hails from South Buffalo, and you’ll recall he’s been in big trouble before in his home town.

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Five most popular NHL stories ever: Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day everybody! That’s write today is Canadian Independence Day, and to celebrate we’re posting the five most popular hockey stories of all time during the seven year history of The Sports Bank. Yes, we’re celebrating Canada’s national past time by posting links to the most popular hockey stories in the history of the site.

As much as I myself enjoy the game for what it is, now you can see why I don’t write about it that much anymore. I may live in Chicago, currently the hockey hotbed of all hockey hot beds, but those Blackhawks fans don’t put their money where their mouth is.

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Q&A with Blackhawks Trevor Van Riemsdyk


Chicago Blackhawks Defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk made his NHL postseason debut on June 8th in game three of the 2015 Stanley Cup Final. In his rookie season, he was limited to just 18 games to due to patellar and wrist injuries.

The Middletown, New Jersey native is the younger brother of James van Riemsdyk, who plays Left Wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. James Van Riemsdyk was drafted 2nd overall (right behind Patrick Kane) in the 2007 NHL Draft. The youngest sibling, Brendan van Riemsdyk, is committed to play for the University of New Hampshire.

Van Riemsdyk won the first Stanley Cup of his career as the Blackhawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games. We caught up to him at Nike Train Chicago,

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VIDEO: Chicago Blackhawks fans celebrate in streets


The Stanley Cup Final is sports Cinco de Mayo; 95% of the people celebrating it really have no clue what it’s actually about. It’s an easy excuse to get plastered. Whoops I meant to say PLASTERED!

#BecauseItsTheCup (of grain alcohol) At least, that what it’s become during the Chicago Blackhawks dynasty era/social media era. Yes, three titles in five years is a dynasty; given the restrictions of a salary cap.

And yes, Bears fans, Cubs fans, Bulls fans whoever would have been just as annoying had Twitter existed in 1985, 1908 and the 1990s respectively.

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The Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon at its best (or worst)

Chicago Blackhawks-2014-stanley-cup

The Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon is bigger and badder this year than ever before. “HAWKS WIN” was a top ten national trending term on Twitter last night. And yes it was HAWKS WIN, in ALL CAPS, because Tweeters were YELLING. It was not Hawks win because that’s not quite LOUD ENOUGH!

Yes, it’s obvious that the Blackhawks are the most powerful national hockey brand. They’re like the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s; the bandwagon is both national and local.

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Blackhawks triumph helps Chicago recover from Great Fire of 1871 (SATIRE)

chicago fire

With every postseason win, the Chicago Blackhawks take another step towards drinking the blessed waters residing within Lord Stanley’s Cup. The possibility of tasting these pure waters lifts the spirits of Windy City Citizens still yearning for a ray of light to guide them through the dark devastation brought on by the Great Chicago Fire in October of 1871.

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Chelsea Dagger: NOT a song about doing cocaine with a prostitute

la-kings-chicago-blackhawks-playoffs chelsea dagger

Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis, the Chicago Blackhawks goal scoring celebration song, has become a go-to cliche for Hawks fans and media alike. You’ll hear Chicago media members lacking in originality and devoid of cleverness use a sentence like “Will the Hawks put a Chelsea Dagger in the Minnesota Wild tonight?” or

“This game could be the Chelsea Dagger for the Anaheim Ducks,” in their broadcasts/articles etc.

Likewise on Blackhawks Playoffs Twitter, the excruciating banality of which has been chronicled in excruciating detail here.

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As Blackhawks succeed, Blackhawks Twitter degenerates

Chicago Blackhawks-2014-stanley-cup

I sincerely hope the Chicago Blackhawks win Game 7 in Anaheim Saturday night; and then go on win the Stanley Cup Final. I am rooting FOR the team. What I am rooting AGAINST is Chicago Blackhawks Playoffs Twitter; in all its forms.

I want the Blackhawks to win it all. I want Blackhawks Playoffs Twitter to die; quickly.

Before we get to making fun of people/stuff, I should point out that there are plenty of great accounts to follow during Blackhawks games.

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators playoff schedule, TV listings

patrick kane chicago blackhawks

Here it is! Get our your day planners and pens, here’s the Chicago Blackhawks playoff schedule; with television assignments. The Blackhawks certainly did not finish with a flourish, and essentially limped to the finish line. Hence they’ll enter the postseason a lower seed versus the Nashville Predators.

What about Patrick Kane?

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