Jeremy Roenick taking his candor to new podcast


Chicago Blackhawks legend and NBC Analyst Jeremy Roenick is launching a new podcast with NHL Network broadcaster Billy Jaffe. The new weekly podcast, entitled “Roenick Life Podcast with JR and Jaffe,” will debut on December 16th.

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Playing Patrick Kane is a bad look for the Blackhawks


The Patrick Kane criminal investigation overshadows everything Chicago Blackhawks related right now. Any and all Stanley Cup feel-good puff pieces need to be postponed because as of right now they’re completely irrelevant. (I made this same mistake myself just yesterday) Even the nitty gritty hockey stuff, preseason training camp position battles and such are inconsequential in juxtaposition to the current situation.

Sorry, I just don’t care who the fourth line center is going to be right now.

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Chicago Blackhawks made impression at Notre Dame


Tonight the Chicago Blackhawks host the Detroit Red Wings to begin the preseason. They opened training camp this past weekend at Notre Dame’s Compton Ice Arena in South Bend. Camp opened with a dumpster fire of a press conference that featured Patrick Kane, John McDonough and ND grad Stan Bowman.

We’ve already covered what a huge mistake it was for Patrick Kane to do Q&A. We’ve already detailed how the biggest loser of that day might have been Team President McDonough, as he was everything on Thursday that he’s not known to be.

Now it’s time for a break from that.


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John McDonough failed the Blackhawks community today; miserably


John McDonough, the so-called genius of message control and marketing, defined today’s Patrick Kane and Chicago Blackhawks press conference with two soundbites.

“I can assure you I am anything but tone deaf,” he said in response to a reporter who asked the best question of the day. McDonough actually didn’t have any response to this journalist, who showed strong reporting by getting to the point of this brutally painful exercise.

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Patrick Kane, Blackhawks press conference in Tweets

patrick kane

The Chicago Blackhawks and Patrick Kane are in an extremely tough spot. Whether they had stayed silent instead of holding the worthless and pointless press conference that they did this afternoon, it’s a no-win situation. And it’s a no win situation for anybody involved. Make no mistake though, Patrick Kane, and the Blackhawks brass in charge of this thing are not sympathetic characters.

Quite the contrary.

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Patrick Kane attending Hawks camp despite sexual assault investigation

patrick kane

Chicago winter sports icon Patrick Kane is currently under investigation for sexual assault. In spite of this very serious situation, he will still be at Chicago Blackhawks training camp. The team will begin their preseason preparation Friday in South Bend, Indiana on the Notre Dame University campus. Players are due to report tomorrow.

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Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks should initiate separation


“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning,” Sir Winston Churchill once famously said.

The oft-quoted sentences could describe the current situation between the Chicago Blackhawks and Patrick Kane. There is still so much that has to happen before we truly see what direction this is really going, but the first two steps have been taken. It’s not the beginning of the end, it’s the end of the beginning; for both sides.

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Stanley Cup coming to Northwestern’s Ryan Field on Saturday


Hear ye! Hear ye! Thine most trophy of all highest esteem within all of sport, thy Cup of thee Lord Stanley shall be descending upon thy gridiron of Northwestern University.

Yes, the Stanley Cup came to Ryan Field in 2010, it didn’t come in 2013, but it will be here Saturday for NU’s 3 p.m. kickoff against Eastern Illinois.

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Our Patrick Kane judgments are actually irrelevant; and that’s good

patrick kane blackhawks

Right now, many of you have made up your mind about whether Patrick Kane is innocent or guilty. Your mental jury began deliberating inside your head as soon as you first heard that Kane was accused of rape. That’s what the court of public opinion is. As more details became public, some people quickly condemned Kane, and others went the opposite route- swiftly attacking the accuser.

Those who are shaming and blaming the alleged victim have obviously decided Kane is innocent, as have the “he’s good at hockey/a celebrity/a Blackhawks player/Stanley Cup Champion, so therefore he can do no wrong” crowd.

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Patrick Kane coverage has seen some serious mistakes

patrick kane

The Buffalo News is doing most of the actual reporting in the Patrick Kane rape accusation story, and with that great power comes great responsibility. Kane is a demigod in Buffalo, just like he is in Chicago, so reporting on an issue this sensitive involving him requires more than a bit of courage by definition.

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Court of Patrick Kane public opinion is in session

Patrick Kane

Writing about the Patrick Kane situation is not for the faint of heart. It’s not an endeavor to be taken lightly. Yesterday, we covered the Patrick Kane rape allegations and how this story changes public perception of the Chicago Blackhawks superstar.

When a story this huge comes along, it’s a very difficult situation for columnists everywhere.

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Patrick Kane shouldn’t have been your hero to begin with

patrick kane

Charles Barkley got it right in the early ’90s when he said- “athletes aren’t role models.”

Right now, many parents of kids with #88 Chicago Blackhawks sweaters are learning or re-learning this lesson. A lot of grown up adults are getting a re-education as well.  What’s even sadder is the fact that it’s Patrick Kane providing the teachable moment.

This isn’t “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

This is “Kaner.”

He’s a man who was already arrested for an assault. He’s a person possessing a party reputation befitting the Social Chair of the wildest fraternity on campus.

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