Where NFL pundits stand on Washington football team name change


There’s a massive sea change regarding the usage of the Washington football team nickname right now. In the past year, the tide has truly turned involving broadcasters and newspapers who will not be using Washington’s nickname. The momentum continues to build. Here we highlight many of those opinions, not just those who are boycotting the name, but those on the fence,

And those who haven’t taken a side. Through exclusive interviews and conference calls, I got opinions from a lot of prominent NFL figures. But first here’s a video highlighting how much progress has already been made in such a short period of time.

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Jay Cutler DON’T CARE Award to…..Taye Diggs and Jon Beason


Welcome to the August 29th, 2014 edition of “The Cuttys,” or the Jay Cutler DON’T CARE awards. They honor, as one Facebook commenter put it:

“all the non-news that’s fit to delete.”

Or more literally:  “terrible attempts at creating news, that I instantly deleted upon seeing it in my inbox.”

All media members receive dozens of press releases and story pitches from publicists, Sports Information Departments, Media Relations and PR people every week. This one was the most utterly asinine and completely worthless among the 100-150 or so that I receive in a given week.

And as always, in case you missed it, here’s how these awards got named.

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Johnny Manziel NOT ready to start, sorry marketers, ESPN


As much as the publicists, marketers and agents want Johnny Manziel to be a true NFL superstar right this second. Sorry, he’s not there yet. Cleveland Browns Coach Mike Pettine is making the right call here- Brian Hoyer should start. When I say marketers and publicists, I am speaking about ESPN and NFL Network as well.

When it comes to the Man ZEAL that Bristol, ConnectiCleveland has for Manziel, they are essentially his marketing and publicity agents, they are not reporting on him.

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Happy Annual Psychoanalyze Starlin Castro Day


The following Starlin Castro piece is by Tim Baffoe, of CBS Chicago.com. It reflects the opinions of Tim Baffoe.


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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to Angel Di Maria joining Man United

christiano ronaldo luis suarez

“Real Madrid and Manchester United are the two biggest teams in the world,” said Cristiano Ronaldo when asked his comments on Angel Di Maria moving from Los Blancos to Old Trafford today.

Ronaldo is right on this point.

There is no disputing that. He would know, so now does Di Maria. Here is the YouTube below of Cristiano Ronaldo talking Di Maria transfer and Real Madrid versus Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League:

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Tottenham pursuing Man United striker Danny Welbeck

Tottenham hotspur danny-welbeck

Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck is out the door at Old Trafford, as we profiled yesterday. The 23-year-old has been told by Manager Louis van Gaal that he doesn’t matter that much to depth chart. It was thought that Javier Hernandez was beneath him in the pecking order, but apparently not. Chicharito is actually more likely to stay.
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VIDEO: Full Angel Di Maria, Louis van Gaal Man United presser


Welcome to “Vanchester” Angel Di Maria. Manchester United broke the all time British transfer record with a £59.7 million plus add-ons purchase from Real Madrid on Tuesday. on Thursday, Di Maria and Manager Louis van Gaal met the media as we saw the new #7 for the first time.
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Tony Stewart will race for the first time since killing driver on track


Tony Stewart has decided to return to racing this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The NASCAR Cup race will be Stewart’s first start since Aug. 3 at Pocono. More importantly, it’s Stewart’s first race since Aug. 9th when struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr. during a sprint car feature at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. As of now, Stewart will not be charged with any crime connected to the accident.

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Special OTL to examine Washington team nickname debate


There’s no question what the number one storyline is this NFL season. Outside the Lines Special Report: Washington’s Nickname – An NFL Dilemma (Tuesday, Sept. 2, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN2; 11 p.m., ESPNEWS) will examine the Washington team nickname controversy, where it is and where it’s going.

Movement towards change is reaching critical mass, extending beyond Native American groups and activists who say it is offensive and racist. It’s not just liberals, or as right wing fanatics like to call them “libtards” anymore. It’s establishment types calling for change.

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Updates on issues with Man United buys Marcos Rojo, Ander Herrera


The new era at Manchester United has gotten off to a very rocky start, and injuries/international laws have had a lot to do with it. All three of United’s purchases this transfer window, (well it’s four now with the signing of Angel Di Maria, let’s hope for the sake of Di Maria, MUFC, and Red Devils supporters everywhere that no issues arise with him) have been held back from fully participating.

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United’s Wayne Rooney named new England Captain


Steven Gerrard believed that Wayne Rooney should succeed him as England captain, and today he got his wish. Again, that’s what is so special about playing for country over playing for club. National loyalties always trump commercial. Liverpool icon Gerrard believes the Manchester United striker should assume the leadership role with Three Lions now that he’s stepping down. 

England Manager Roy Hodgson has confirmed that Rooney will now be his captain; just a few weeks after Wayne Rooney was awarded the Captaincy at Old Trafford.

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VIDEO, PHOTOS: Man United unveil Angel Di Maria


Welcome to “Vanchester” Angel Di Maria. Manchester United broke the all time British transfer record with a £59.7 million plus add-ons purchase from Real Madrid on Tuesday. on Thursday, Di Maria and Manager Louis van Gaal met the media as we saw the new #7 for the first time.

Here’s video of the first ever images of Angel Di Maria with his new club:

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