Ji-sung Park to be named Manchester United Ambassador


The official Manchester United account made a cliff-hanger of a tweet earlier today in regards to Ji-sung Park.

Have a look:

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Nani re-affirms his Manchester United identity


Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, commonly known as Nani was interviewed tonight after Sporting Lisbon’s 1-nil defeat to Chelsea, and he gave an “interesting” spin on his being back in the Portugese capital. Nani was sent on loan to Sporting by new Manchester United Manager Louis van Gaal in the summer. He had been with the club since 2007.

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James Wilson: 11th Manchester United player out from injury


The injuries are really starting pile up now at Old Trafford. 18-year-old James Wilson became the 11th Manchester United player to be injured. Yes, James Wilson was actually born in 1995, and he looks even younger than that. But that’s an aside. The injury crisis in the back line has been well documented. Now the forwards are getting banged up too.

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Diego Costa: Chelsea star being “over-managed” for big tilt with Arsenal?

diego costa

The Sun had a story today, the gist of was something to the effect of: Diego Costa will start for Chelsea against Sporting Lisbon as Jose Mourinho gambles with his star striker’s fitness. Well, I guess the gamble paid off as Costa played and Chelsea dominated Sporting today with a 1-nil victory in the UEFA Champions League.  Costa had a clear chance and blew it.

Which was surprising given what his form has been lately.  But the bigger issue is Jose Mourinho and how he’s saying he’s going to go about managing Diego Costa.

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Fox Sports Analyst BRUTALLY SLAMS Michigan over handling of concussions


Michigan is in full category 5 crisis mode right now. Although you wouldn’t know anything about that if all you watched was Big Ten Network. If you weren’t already certain that BTN is a league PR firm and not a news outlet before, their minimalist coverage of the Michigan drama drives the point home now. Every sports network, other than BTN, is leading their college football shows with Michigan coverage everyday. And justifiably so.

The UM fiasco has crossed over into mainstream news or “hard news” as well. Brady Hoke, Dave Brandon and their cronies are being ripped apart by talking heads left and right. Here’s another slam. This comes from a Fox Sports 1 Analyst. By the way, Fox and BTN have a partnership, FYI.

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#19 Nebraska Cornhuskers vs #10 MSU Spartans Preview

bo pelini cat nebraska-cornhuskers

Watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers destroy my alma mater last night was a pure joy. Wait, what? You just said you enjoyed watching the school you graduated from getting annihilated. Well, yes, because I knew it was coming. In fact the score I predicted in my Illinois v. Nebraska game preview was eerily similar to what the final score actually was. Plus after dealing with apathy for Illini material all season, it was refreshing to see a true college football program and a true college football fan base.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, both the coaching staff and their fans, seemed to know that I was watching, because they were pushing all my buttons last Saturday night.

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Deion Sanders: “49ers Players Want Jim Harbaugh Out”


Like Deion Sanders said, “it’s our responsibility to tell them what’s real.” He espoused this value last night on NFL Network stating that his sources inside the 49ers locker room are telling him that the Niners players not really playing for coach Jim Harbaugh and that they actually want him out. He said this on NFL Gameday Final last night.

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Sources: Michigan Wolverines prefer John Harbaugh over Jim


Regarding the Michigan Wolverines program, the question now is “Will Head Coach Brady Hoke and Athletic Director Dave Brandon still have their jobs next month?” As bad as Hoke’s mishandling of his starting QB’s concussion was, how he explained it to the press afterwardmade him look even worse. Then you had the A.D. trying to minimize the P.R. damage by sending out a confusing press release at 1 in the morning that only dug themselves into a deeper hole.

When a hashtag mocking your A.D. is trending worldwide, and the media who cover the program everyday believe Hoke’s days will be ending very soon (they’re saying days, not weeks now), you have a broken program. Going 1-8 versus opponents from the power five conferences since November just drives the point home.

So now we can move on to predicting who the next man leading the Michigan Wolverines will be.

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Derrick Rose boldly begins preseason with Championship talk

derrick rose

If you’re concerned by the absymal stats Derrick Rose put up in games with Team USA this summer, don’t be. Outside of Nike, Coach K. and those who are dysfunctionally obsessed with Derrick Rose ligaments, NO ONE CARED one bit about 2014 Team USA basketball and the stupid made up tournament they won.

if you’re concerned about Rose due to his less than inspiring performances at the beginning of the 2013-14 NBA season, that’s understandable.  D. Rose didn’t look very good last October/November before he got hurt, so he still has plenty of doubters to win over this season.

However, Derrick Rose himself is not concerned.

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Ronaldo return to Man United 2 years away says prominent journo

cristiano ronaldo

It seems somewhat likely that Cristiano Ronaldo will somehow force a way out of Real Madrid and back to Manchester United at some point. However, it won’t be next summer. Guillem Balague, a very prominent Spanish football journalist/pundit talked Ronaldo return to the Theatre of Dreams, but said it will take a couple years yet.

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Robin Van Persie thinks MUFC can realistically make Champions League


Robin van Persie believes that Manchester United are getting stronger everyday and believes that Champions League is “realistic.”

Maybe that closed door “clear the air” meeting that Robin van Persie had with the players this week paid off? Manchester United earned three points this past Saturday, and moved up the table from 12th place to 7th. It wasn’t easy; and actually it was quote stressful for a good portion of it, but RVP certainly did his part to help lead United to a 2-1 home win over the Hammers.

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Man United’s Ander Herrera out for a month, fractured rib


Ander Herrera will be unavailable for Manchester United for a few weeks. It was just revealed that Herrera suffered a fractured rib in United’s victory of West Ham, leaving the match with 15 minutes to play. United sent out a press release saying they will monitor his progress.

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