Jurgen Klopp Frustrated by Liverpool-Cameroon Joel Matip Stalemate

jurgen klopp

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp is extremely frustrated by the current stalemate between his club and the Cameroon National Team over Joel Matip. The 25-year-old defender has been at odds with his country’s national team for years.

In 2015, Matip made it abundantly clear that he was retiring from international football, and that he would decline any future call-up.

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Paul Pogba “Achieves” First Ever “Dab” Handball Penalty


When you’re the most expensive player in global football history, and you’re not performing anywhere close to the expectations that accompany such a designation, you’re going to be mocked.

Antagonized, trolled, ripped, criticized etc. whatever you want to call it. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is having one of the worst games of his life (or at least he just completed a terrible half) having conceded an obvious hand ball penalty, which led to Liverpool converting the penalty kick and going up 1-0.

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Paul Pogba With Controversial Challenge on Jordan Henderson (Video)

Paul Pogba has had better days than this on the pitch.

Okay, most of the days that he’s been on the pitch were better than this. The world’s most expensive player “achieved” the world’s first ever “Dab” handball penalty (more on that with visuals at this link), which conceded a penalty kick to Liverpool, which was then converted by James Milner.

Then he committed this ridiculously aggressive challenge, which was not called.

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Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho Have Heated Exchange

jurgen klopp

Manchester United versus Liverpool- it’s always huge, therefore it’s always emotional. Passions run deep on both sides of the touchline, in the arena, and throughout the world. The two managers, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho even got into it.

Klopp appeared to be the angrier of the two coaches while Mourinho was the one seemingly trying to cool off the contentious exchange.

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Dwyane Wade Making Important Statements on MLK Day Weekend

dwyane wade

Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade addressed the crowd tonight prior to his team’s contest against the New Orleans Pelicans. On this Martin Luther King Day weekend, Wade asked everyone at the United Center to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he stood for, most importantly us having respect for one another.

D. Wade passionately stated that the ideals MLK stood for matter today more than ever. Here’s a video clip of the reaction that he received once his statement was done:

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Jimmy Butler Dictates Bulls Fortunes; Rajon Rondo Called It

jimmy butler

As Jimmy Butler goes, so do the Chicago Bulls, and Rajon Rondo called it back in July. While making his famous, or now perhaps infamous, “three alphas” comment Rondo followed up by saying “it’s Jimmy’s team.”

Rondo has accomplished a lot, and Dwyane Wade has accomplished more than the rest of the Bulls roster combined, but Butler is the true alpha dog of this team. Jimmy Butler scored 28 points in 39 minutes today to lead Chicago over the very lowly New Orleans Pelicans, as the team became revitalized.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says He Conquered England in Just Three Months


Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he’s aging like a fine wine, and that he feels he could play all the way into his 50s. The 35-year-old Swede, who is signed on for a second season at Old Trafford, has been United’s leading scorer this season.

The colorful Swede is currently tied for second in the Premier League in goals with 13, and 6th in minutes per goal at one brace per every 141′. He also said he’s conquered England; in just three months.

Yes, Zlatan being Zlatan is always entertaining.

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Diego Costa Reportedly Doesn’t Want to Leave Chelsea FC for Chinese Super League

diego costa chelsea fc news

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has made a lot of headlines this season, but it’s mostly been for all the right reasons. The Spaniard superstar has received a lot of publicity for scoring goals, often of the game winning variety; instead of making headlines for cheating and then being reprimanded, per usual during his career.

The last 24 hours have been tumultuous though as Costa, the Premier League’s leading scorer, who’s having a Player of the Year kind of campaign, was dropped for the weekend trip to Leicester City.

He didn’t even make the trip, but Chelsea didn’t miss a beat, drubbing the defending champions at the King Power Stadium 3-0.

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Predicted Manchester United starting XI at Liverpool

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool needs no introduction; it’s the biggest in all of English football. Both clubs have taken turns dominating respective decades.

In no other rivalry (not quite a derby, although some make the case that you could call is derby, the definition of of that word is arguable) will you see two giant clubs with so many trophies combined.

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Hillsborough Probe Could Lead to Criminal Charges Against Conspirators


When the Hillsborough Disaster Occurred on April 15 1989, many law enforcement and government officials involved took drastic measures to cover-up the disaster and present the evidence in a way that absolved themselves of wrongdoing and/or negligence. The authorities went with the victim-blaming agenda, and many media outlets regurgitated their fallacies, further perpetrating the lies.

However, the jury ruled on April 25th of 2016 that the 96 Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough were “unlawfully killed” due to grossly negligent police actions.

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Man United vs Liverpool Injury Report: Ibrahimovic, Rojo, Ings

When asked about the health status of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo, if the duo would be ready to play, Mourinho responded:

“I think so, I can’t confirm we are still 48 hours away but I think they are closer to be ready than not to be.”

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Diego Costa Offered Extremely Lucrative Contract by China


As polarizing a figure he truly is, Diego Costa sure can “ball.” He has 14 goals, to lead the entire premier league this season. In 19 games this season, he’s achieved a 126′ minutes per goal average to go along with 5 assists. He’s the EPL leading scorer, and quite possibly the league player of the year.

Thus he’s attracting the interest of the Chinese Super League, which is offering him Costa an egregiously exorbitant contract, £500,000 per week, $36,000,000 per year. Once Costa became aware of this possibility, he was no longer training in the manner that the team wanted, and then the trouble began.

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