Dallas Cowboys: 1st American team to reach $3Billion


J.R. Ewing is a fictional representation of the tremendous wealth found in Dallas, but their NFL franchise is the definition of the affluent fact. The Dallas Cowboys are ranked as the most valuable team in the NFL according to Forbes, for the 8th straight year. The Cowboys are the most valuable of all American sports franchises, only Spanish La Liga franchise Real Madrid has a higher valuation at $3.4 billion.

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Danny Welbeck asked to leave Manchester United


The Guardian is claiming that Louis Van Gaal has asked striker Danny Welbeck to leave Manchester United. This is surprising, considering 1.) how it’s thought that he was considered higher up the pecking order than Javier Hernandez and 2.) how he needs depth to run his 3-5-2 system.

Sorry, Mr. Welbeck, I guess it’s good night at the Theatre of Dreams.

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Man United fan quits job to start MUFC news account then has total melt down


If you haven’t heard the story of the @TotallyManU Twitter account, well, sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride. Because this is going to be a fun one. This man, or woman, left their job to start a Twitter account strictly devoted to breaking Manchester United news, and being a “CEO of a global social networking company.”

And to contact Man United Executive Vice President Ed Woodward. As you might expect @TotallyManU totally failed in the mission to reach Mr. Woodward, and when that didn’t work, paid out of pocket to fly to Madrid. (After quitting their job no less) in order to break the latest transfer news on Angel Di Maria.

SPOILER ALERT: that didn’t work out so well either.

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Why the term “Man U” is offensive, say Man United instead



The curious case of the Twitter account “Totally Man U” has forced us to talk about a certain sensitive topic.

Not everyone knows this, and I myself didn’t even know it until recently, much as I hate to admit it, but “Man U.” or “Man U” is not something you should say. It’s disrespectful. When you need to abbreviate Manchester United, you could say Man United, MUFC, the Red Devils etc. I know this fact is a bit obscure.

Here’s the story:

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Liverpool FC imposing behavior clause on Mario Balotelli


Is Liverpool FC letting one bad boy, right after they just let another bad boy go?

Not quite.

Luis Suarez, for all of his faults off the pitch, and he has many, was a hard worker on the field, and he produced. He was arguably the best player in the Premier League last season. Mario Balotelli, likewise comes with a lot of baggage, and he might arguably be more maladjusted, and have more “character issues” than Suarez. However, he’s a much worse teammate.

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Man United transfer rumors: Sami Khedira, Angel Di Maria


Only two Man United transfer rumors to follow today, but they’re both huge. And they both originate from Real Madrid. It was 20 days ago that Manchester United defeated Los Blancos 3-1 in an international friendly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It set a record for 109,00+ the largest crowd ever to watch the sport in the United States.

So the two giant clubs combined forces to make a ton of money that day. Let’s see if they’re doing big business again now.

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New Northwestern football landscape evaluated by ESPN pundits

jim phillips-northwestern-football

So where does Northwestern football go now? For the receivers, your big playmakers need to be Mike McHugh and Cameron Dickerson. I know, right? Totally underwhelming. Actually, it will be Tony Jones and Kyle Prater. And as you know it’s been all hype and little production from Prater. Replacing Mark will Justin Jackson (Pat Fitzgerald hates burning a kid’s shirt, but he has to) backing up the feature back Trayvon Green.

Here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how NU football moves on from this latest saga. I joined them on media conference call yesterday to get an overall outlook on where the season could be headed.

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Greg Gumbel hasn’t said the Redskins name on air in three years


There’s a current movement of NFL on-air personalities away from using of the name “Redskins,” and Greg Gumbel has been ahead of that curve for a few years.

“I was just telling our PR Department I haven’t said the name on the air in three years, I just didn’t feel the need to call a news conference and announce it. It’s just my personal choice,” Gumbel told me during our exclusive chat at CBS/NFL Network Media Day. The CBS play-by-play man then rhetorically asked “would I feel differently if I owned the team?

“I don’t know, but I do feel there’s a PR gap to jump, and whether they will make that jump or not remains to be seen.”

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Michigan Wolverines season preview with Pollack and Palmer


Not high on the Michigan Wolverines? Can’t say I blame you- I’m not picking them to win the division, even with Ohio State down for the count now as Braxton Miller is out for the season.

Here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how Michigan football finds their identity. I joined them on media conference call yesterday to get an overall outlook on where the season could be headed.

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ESPN pundits on Notre Dame Football life under investigation


We don’t have any more updates about the scandal unfolding within Notre Dame football, but hey, we do have new uniforms! Look- shiny things!!!

Brian Kelly didn’t have anything to say Media Day regarding the investigation into academic cheating today, as it appears there really haven’t been any significant developments since Friday. We’ll keep you posted, in the meantime here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how ND football moves on from this latest saga.
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Man United targeting Sami Khedira once again


The agent of Sami Khedira is very busy right now. The German national team star wants out of Real Madrid, and it looks like he’s going to get it. A move to the Premier League seems likely. He’s been heavily linked to Arsenal all summer. However, it appears Manchester United, Louis van Gaal and Ed Woodward are now keen on Khedira.

At least as a contingency plan. They’re definitely much more interested in Khedira’s teammate who’s also leaving Los Blancos, Angel Di Maria.

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PHOTO: fan changes name to Manchester United, gets face tattoo


It’s kind of sad that this guy has so little going on in his life. And he’s so delusional about where his life is really at. Take a look at this. Take it all in.

Let it all sink in for a minute.

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