United Will Get Juan Mata and Ander Herrera Back This Weekend

juan mata

Manchester United will most likely welcome their injured midfielders Juan Mata and Ander Herrera back to the team this weekend, says Manager Jose Mourinho. Both of them will get to experience United’s final tune-ups before the regular season begins in mid August.

Mata took an ankle knock during last Monday’s win at Real Salt Lake, which kept him out of both the Manchester Derby on Thursday and the battle with Real Madrid this past Sunday. In that match, a 1-1 draw where United defeated Real on penalty kicks, Herrera was subbed off just seven minutes into being brought on as a half-time replacement.

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Purdue Boilermakers Coach Jeff Brohm is All Substance, No Frills (Audio)

jeff brohm

New Purdue Boilermakers Head Coach Jeff Brohm comes off as an all business, no frills kind of guy. Conversing with him you get the impression that if he wanted to channel more energy into having more memorable media skills, he could. By design though, he’d rather channel that energy into the nuts and bolts of his job.

Brohm is way more about Xs and Os than branding, but you can tell who could be the salesman type if it interested him. He’s truly an offensive guru as a man who played for six different teams during his seven year NFL career. The cradle of quarterbacks is now lead by a guy who’s been a QB coach at five different institutions.

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David Blough Tells An Interesting, Amazing Jeff Brohm Story (Audio)

david blough

Purdue Boilermakers quarterback David Blough was the Big Ten Conference Leader in touchdown passes and passing yards per game last season. Not many people know that, and perhaps you had to read that sentence two or three times before it truly sunk in. For his final year in West Lafayette, Blough will be coached by Jeff Brohm, an offensive guru and former NFL quarterback.

Brohm played for six different teams during his seven year NFL career, and he’s been a QB coach at five different institutions.

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Jim Harbaugh on Rome Trip: “have the whole world be your classroom”

jim harbaugh rome

Friends, Michiganders, countrymen, lend me your ears, I come to report on Jim Harbaugh, not to praise him.

Although to be fair the coverage we provide of Harbaugh will in fact be a form of praise. He took his Michigan football team on a trip to Rome in April where they held three spring practices and also had numerous unique cultural experiences.

It’s hard not to praise his idea, especially when you consider how Jim Harbaugh himself said “it’s the best thing he’s ever done personally as part of a football team.”

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P.J. Fleck on the Row the Boat Trademark and Copyright Deal


In the college football world today, a head coach must have a hook in order to consistently remain in the public consciousness. Having a memorable personality, an aura about you is no longer an advantage for college football coach, it’s a requisite to survive the recruiting arms race.  

Minnesota Golden Gophers Coach P.J. Fleck is known first and foremost for his HIGH INTENSITY. When you transcribe his soundbites, they warrant being typed in ALL CAPS! He’s also known for his motivational mantra “ Row the boat ,” which is no mere catch-phrase, it’s the spiritual slogan that guides his purpose in life.

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Jurgen Klopp Says He’s “not interested” in Man United, Everton Transfer Business

jurgen klopp

Liverpool FC Manager Jurgen Klopp won’t give any bulletin board material to two of his local rivals. The German was asked to comment about the summer transfer business of both Everton and Manchester United, but he made no remarks that would spark controversy. He instead politely answered the reporter’s query, maintaining that he is not interested in what they are up to this summer transfer window.

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Jurgen Klopp Refuses to Respond to Jose Mourinho Liverpool Commentary


Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp wisely refused to be drawn into a war of words with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho. The German said that he is simply “not interested” in what Mourinho has to say about Liverpool, while also acknowledging that his side had a 2015-16 season that was similar to what Manchester United just experienced this past campaign.

Both Chelsea and Liverpool were without European football this past season and it worked to their advantage. The former won the Premier League title while the latter reached the top four. Mourinho said that this upcoming season will be tougher for both as they will now face the added workload.

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Chelsea Send Kenedy Home From Tour Over Controversial Social Media Posts


For Kenedy, his days at Chelsea FC may be numbered, and the clock probably started ticking as soon as he posted those two controversial Instagram stories. The Brazilian winger was sent home the team’s Asian tour following his offensive social media posts about China. In one post, he dropped the f-bomb on the world’s most populous country, and in the other he appeared to be mocking a security guard.

Many social media users denounced his behavior as racist, and Chelsea football club were left with no other recourse but to issue an official statement apologizing to China.

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Alvaro Morata, Chelsea FC Record Signing, Makes Debut with Blues

alvaro morata

Chelsea FC broke the club record for most expensive transfer when they signed Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid less than a week ago. The striker, brought in as a replacement for Diego Costa and as a fallback option when Stamford Bridge missed out on Romelu Lukaku, cost the club £58 million.

That makes him the 13th most expensive signing in world history. Morata made his debut in a blue shirt today, in a 3-2 preseason friendly loss to Bayern Munich.

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Romelu Lukaku Reveals How Paul Pogba Recruited Him

paul pogba romelu lukaku

Watching Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba work out together at Manchester United’s USA tour training site at UCLA was a bit reminiscent of the film Rocky III.

Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa had gone from adversaries to allies by that point, and their training together montage has remained etched in the brains of all who have substantial knowledge of the Rocky franchise.

Lukaku and Pogba, very close friends off the pitch who became teammates just three weeks ago, share the same agent in Mino Raiola. It’s well documented how much Pogba was recruiting Lukaku, and when the Belgian striker’s move became official, the Pogba reaction posted on Instagram quickly went viral worldwide.

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Eric Bailly to Miss Super Cup as UEFA Extend His Suspension

Manchester United suffered a major blow today regarding their UEFA Super Cup prospects, as the European ruling body extended the suspension of Eric Bailly. United’s best central defender served a one match ban in the Europa League Final victory of Ajax in Stockholm due to an incident in the second lego of the semi-final against Celta Vigo.

United learned today they must now face Real Madrid on August 8 in Skopje without Bailly as UEFA extended his suspension two additional games.

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Iowa Football: Sean Welsh Gives the Most Meaningful Interview Ever

sean welsh iowa football

Usually, at best, college football Media Days discussion is quality gridiron wonkishness. At worst, typically, it’s a tedious cliche convention in which everybody tells you they’re going to go 12-0, and they do so in buzzwords and corporatespeak.

Rarely do you get a meaningful discourse about topics that transcend football. Of course, most media days don’t have Iowa football player Sean Welsh. Last Wednesday, the senior offensive lineman from Springboro, Ohio penned an emotional, revealing and edifying op-ed about his battle with depression.

It was published on the official Iowa football website.

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