Yes We Kahn: Timberwolves Continue Dealing



By Andy Weise

Recently appointed Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations David Kahn continued his summer of making headlines as he packaged Mark Madsen, Sebastian Telfair and Craig Smith to the Los Angeles Clippers for Quentin Richardson. Richardson has now had four homes this off-season after he was dealt from New York to Memphis and then from Memphis to the Clippers. He addresses the Wolves’ shooting guard need after Mike Miller and Randy Foye were dealt to Washington the day before the draft, which landed the Wolves the No. 5 overall pick (which became Ricky Rubio.)
Kahn has now made two multi-players trades and decided against bringing back Kevin McHale as the head coach. 86343355JP007_DRAFTPORTRAITSHe is also traveling to Spain to try and negotiate with Ricky Rubio’s buyout, which the Wolves can only pay $500,000 towards.

Clearly Kahn and McHale saw some things differently and that is why McHale isn’t coaching again next year. Kahn has also traded five of McHale’s guys this offseason. Madsen was more a cheerleader than a rotation player the last couple of years but he was the last remaining guy from the Wolves 2003-2004 run to the Western Conference Finals. Madsen was somewhat of a fan favorite in Minnesota but he never deserved the five year contract McHale handed to him the summer of 2005.

Smith and Telfair were two of the young guns McHale was trying to build with and after Telfair had failed to live up to expectations in Portland and Boston, he seemed to have found a home in Minnesota as a capable backup point guard. Smith seemed to be lost in the shuffle after the Washington deal brought in three front court players with more size than the undersized power forward from Boston College.

What was going through the mind of the Clippers?

Well, first off they get a much needed backup point guard for the sometimes injured Baron Davis.  Telfair should be a good insurance policy for a team with plenty of weapons in the event that Davis goes down. Smith and Madsen will help with the departure of Zach Randolph who was dealt for Richardson originally. With Blake Griffin, Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman in the front court, Smith should be able to find some time and Madsen likely will continue his cheerleading ways. The Clippers have basically sent away Randolph and added Griffin and three decent role players. If the Clippers do actually add Allen Iverson, there is actually some reason for interest in L.A.’s second team.
Richardson’s shooting will definitely help the Wolves, a team that wants to play more up-tempo but still possesses a significant weapon in the half court game: Al Jefferson. It’s hard to say at this point if Richardson will stay on the team because he is another expiring contract but for now let’s just say he will remain a T’Wolf for the year.  He is in the final year of his contract so he should be motivated to prove to people he still deserves another payday in the NBA. The Wolves are now stacked with expiring contracts belonging to Richardson (9.35 mil), Etan Thomas (7.35 mil) and Brian Cardinal (6.75 mil). On top of that, they could again have three first round picks and plenty of cap room. Stay tuned to see what Kahn does next. For now, Wolves fans will continue to echo those three words, “Yes We Kahn.”

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  1. Peter Christian says

    It sounds like Weise is becoming a believer. I’m not converting that easily.

  2. David K. says

    Kahn should sign Darius Miles so he and Q-Rich can do that cool antennae thing on their heads like they used to do with the Clips… and like Q and I used to do in intramural hoops…

    like the trade though I guess only if Rubio actually plays… I wouldn’t feel good with Bobby “Everybody’s Humping Around” Brown as my lone back-up ooint guard… at least it un-clutters the mess of average back-up power forwards the Wolves had…

  3. Peter Christian says

    I really don’t like how people are mentioning how much cap space this deal clears up. With the exception of Bassy’s player option, this move ends up costing the Wolves money for this season and only realistically helps teams looking for expiring contracts at the deadline, because let’s be honest, even if the Wolves had the most cap space in the league, who the hell is going to sign to play in MN? I’ve lived in MN my whole life and I wouldn’t sign to play here unless they were the only team offering me money.

  4. paulmbanks says

    LOL! Love the bashing of the home state there. I think this is the smartest move Kahn has made so far- which is kind of like being the bougiest man in Joliet. IL or the funniest joke told by Jenny McCarthy

  5. Melissa W. says

    Just as they did in the run for the U.S. presidency, I think we should edit a video for him. “Bob the Builder….Yes we Kahn.” That PBS cartoon character looks like him anyway.

  6. Andy Weise says

    Getting Q-Rich addresses a need, sad that Telfair was included in the deal because as David mentions, Bobby Brown should not see the court on a good team!!

    Rubio coming to MN is going to happen, the quicker he gets done with his rookie contract, the sooner he makes crazy money.

  7. Peter Christian says

    Whoa, whoa, whoa… since when are we saying the Timberwolves are a good team? Bobby Brown backing up a rookie PG pretty much defines exactly what the Wolves are and what kind of expectations they have. Hell, Telfair backing up a rookie PG is only about two spots above terrible and three below mediocre. I said it on draft night after the Wolves picked Rubio, Flynn and Lawson “I really like Sebastian Telfair as the 4th PG on an NBA team” that pretty much sums up Telfair’s ceiling in The League.

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