Wisconsin Badgers basketball: naming/building the all time team



Who’s on your Wisconsin Badgers basketball all time team? What kind of lineup would you put out there. Friends of The Sports Bank program Ranker.com will have a list for us soon ranking the top Wisconsin Badgers basketball players of all time. We’ll update this post again when that list arrives and you can vote up or down all the Wisconsin Badgers basketball players.

In the meantime though, we have another way to inspire debate…..


So there you go. Play General Manager and build your Wisconsin Badgers basketball dream team. Tucker and Harris are probably the top two players in UW hoops history. I would start there and build out. But post your own team in the comments below. It’s a fun and endless debate. Good times.

Jon Leuer only $2? C’mon man! Mike Wilkinson worth $4? No way! But again that’s another debate within itself too. Which Wisconsin Badgers basketball players are overpriced and underpriced?? You know where the comments section is.

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