White Sox All-Star Candidates and their Respective chances


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So much for the Stanley Cup afterglow Chicago. Patrick Kane isn’t even done with his post celebration alcoholic bender, and we’ve already moved on to discussing a multitude (or “mulletude” in Kaner’s case) of local sports topics:

Our White Sox becoming the hottest team in baseball and climbing back into the race, the Cubs falling further into oblivion as their $18 million dollar pitcher with a five cent head and a 7-yearo-old’s self-control throws a hissy fit, the Bulls reportedly having the best player in basketball, LeBron James and the most valuable Canadian import of this market (Chris Bosh) ready to ink a deal, (and that rumor’s already been shot down), and even the Blackhawks themselves, selling off veterans and doing a ton of draft day wheeling and dealing in order to prepare shelter for their gathering salary cap storm.

But Soxman and I (if we can paraphrase Mark McGwire at the steroid Senate hearings) are not here to talk about the past. Even the recent past. We’re here to discuss the short term future. As in who’s going to represent the White Sox at the Midsummer Classic in Anaheim on the 14th?

By Paul M. Banks and Soxman

white sox

Yes, that was an intentional Everclear reference in the introductory sentence. I like them a lot, they’re kind of like the Beach Boys. Had the Beach Boys written and performed their songs on heroin. But both bands are California cool and great summer music, and this All-Star game is in Southern California, so let’s decide who should logistically be “California Dreamin” next week.

I’ll throw out the names and numbers, and you tell me on a scale of 1-10 (ten being an all-star lock, and 1 being a “yeah that’ll happen- when soccer becomes the new national pastime) what each guy’s chances are. And they’re up against in for that coveted spot.

John Danks (7-6, 3.62 ERA, opp BA .231, 1.21 WHIP, 75 K, 33 BB )

SM: 2, Danks was the best pitcher on the White Sox staff for the first two months of the season, but has come back to earth somewhat in June. He ranks 18th in the AL in ERA, 20th in wins (behind Peavy and Garcia), and 24th in strikeouts (behind Peavy and Floyd). With at least 17 other starters ahead of him in nearly every pitching category, his selection is not likely.

Cleveland’s Fausto Carmona (3.64 ERA), KC’s Zack Grienke (3.72 ERA), or former Sox farmhand Gio Gonzales (3.74 ERA) are more likely to get the call to satisfy the “every team must be represented” rule.

Freddy Garcia (8-3, 4.66 ERA, 85 IP) “Sweaty” is the staff leader in wins, not bad for a 5th starter, but his ERA is just anything but stellar

SM: 1, Wins are subjective and Ozzie Guillen is not on the selection panel.

Scary as it might sound after his disastrous start to the season, Jake Peavy would likely draw more consideration than Garcia as he’s among the AL leaders in more pitching categories.

I would suggest JJ Putz and Sergio Santos because they have good numbers, but we all know setup men and long relievers rarely, if ever get picked.

SM: Agreed. For some strange reason, holds do not “hold” much statistical value and the only relievers who ever get in are closers. When Barry “the Vulture” Jones went 11-4 with a 2.31 ERA in 1990 and failed to make the All-Star team, I put out the candle of hope for middle relievers.

Alex Rios (.313 BA, .907 OPS, 13 HR, 40 RBI, 21 SB, 18B) Arguably the Sox first half MVP, earning his money this year! haha I remember Barry Jones, he strangely had 10 wins by July that summer!

SM: 9. It will be a crime if it doesn’t happen, he’ll likely be named as a reserve. Why would it be a crime? Alex Rios is:

13th in the AL in batting average

Tied for 13th in HRs.

8th in stolen bases.

Yet, he is not even in the top 15 in voting among AL outfielders. I know it is a popularity contest, but Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson, who missed the first month of the season are ahead of him in voting.

Among all AL outfielders Rios is:

7th in batting average

7th in HRs.

15th in RBIs

8th in SBs


Paul Konerko (.301 BA, .983 OPS, 20 HR, 56 RBI, 11 2B) Wow, is he really something in a contract year! Remember when all those people were ready to write ’em off for good in ’08?

SM: 10, this has to be the lock, regardless of who else leads in voting. Konerko, is not even in the top five in voting despite being tied for the league lead in HRs (20), and being 4th in the AL in RBIs for a team that could not get on base very much in front of him.

Among qualifying 1B players, Konerko is:

1st in HRs

2nd in RBIs

5th in BA

On overall skills, you have to think Rios, but on category dominance, Paulie is the clear choice.

alexei che

Alexi Ramirez (.268 BA, .401 SL) I know this may be a stretch, but Cuba Libre! Anyone I missed??

SM: The Cuban Missile would be a stretch to say the least, as five other AL shortstops beat him in batting average, two others in HRs (Jeter and Gonzales), and 11 others top him in stolen bases. Are you sure that’s a Cuban cigar you are smoking?

HAHAHA! Damn, these summer mojitos are a little strong for me, or maybe I’ve left myself out in the sun a little too long

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