Peavy to White Sox?


By Soxman

A bold move could be the “P” in Prozac to fix the South Side.

Hot rumor from the San Diego Padres Beat Reporter Tom Krasovic:

The Chicago White Sox have offered four players to the Padres for their ace Jake Peavy.  The trade is apparently so close to getting done, that manager Bud Black met with Peavy Wednesday night to discuss it.

If true, give Kenny Williams credit.  He’s aggressively trying to fix his mistakes.

Peavy would bolster a pitching staff, which currently ranks 18th in MLB in ERA (4.58), and a rotation which has not had any consistency beyond current ace, Mark Buehrle.  Peavy has a career ERA of 3.27 and remarkable control posting a career WHIP of 1.18.  He would also lead the rotation by a large margin in innings pitched (61 IP, Buehrle has only 52), and Ks (69, Danks has 41).

Now before Southsiders start flocking in mass to be among the first to get a Peavy jersey from the Grandstand, remember that a number of things:

* Peavy has a full no trade clause, has confided in team mates he’d have concerns pitching for Ozzie Guillen, had has stated publicly he would prefer to stay in the National League.

* The Cubs were reportedly close to trading for Peavy earlier this season and the Padre’s asking price was believed to be too high, prompting the Cubs to walk away.

* Peavy is signed through 2012 with a club option for 2013, meaning the bounty for his services could cost the sox top prospect Gordon Beckham and others.

Still the Padres have made no secret in stating their desire to trade Peavy, who accounts for close to 30% of the teams total payroll at $11 million this season.

While the players the White Sox would send to the Padres are unknown at this time, ESPN’s Buster Olney reported on the “Mike and Mike show” this morning that the Padres have interest in the White Sox young middle infielders.

You would have to think Beckham would be atop of their wish list, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Chris Getz of even Alexei Ramirez could be involved.  Ramirez is signed through 2011 at a very affordable $1million per season.

Other prospects that could be involved in the trade include lefty Aaron Poreda, who has a 2.58 ERA in Birmingham, Clayton Richard, who has pitched well since joining the Sox rotation, or Jordan Danks, who is the younger brother of Sox pitcher John Danks.

Many feel the trade is done pending Peavy’s approval and that it will get done.  However with the news of this potential trade hitting late Wednesday, its possible teams like the Mets, Brewers, or even the Cubs could jump into the bidding war.

On Thursday, the joked that Sox fans were in need of Prozac.  Could that be the key to fixing the Sox?  Let’s exam further..

Pitching, or Peavy
Runs scored, (we are currently last in MLB)


Zip, that’s right hustle and speed

Alexei of 2008, or even half of him at this point.

Catching (I love AJ but base runners are stealing at will on us).

Peavy could very well be the first letter in solving the Sox playoff push puzzle and would silence many fans who are already calling for a waving the white flag on 2009 and trading aging talent for younger prospects.


The Padres and White Sox have agreed on the terms of the trade, it now only requires Peavy’s approval.

As called by Soxman early this morning, Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda are included in the deal. Top prospect, Gordon Beckham is not.

Richard, 25, has no record and a 4.33 ERA in 14 appearances for the Sox this season, including two starts.

Poreda, 22, is 3-4 with a 2.53 ERA in eight starts for Double-A Birmingham. He has allowed just 32 hits and struck out 50 in 46 1/3 innings.

Peavy, who is making $11 million this season, will make $15 million in 2010, $16 million in 2011 and $17 million in 2012. The Padres hold a team option for $22 million with a $4 million buyout.

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  1. The Little Flirt says

    THX Soxman! You are my hero. Love this site. That was fast LOL.

    The black update is hard to read.

  2. Great post. Is that a done deal?

  3. The best and hottest sports reporter on the net for white sox baseball breaks it all down! THX!

  4. ESPN is saying Peavy will reject the trade. Any truth Soxman? I know you said he has to approve it.

  5. Soxman EAZY on the EYES…and a great writer. Oh to be the woman that has your heart.

  6. Peavy’s agent says he will reject the trade. Why? What kind of ego maniac is this guy?

    Good post soxman.

  7. THX soxman although I can read the black text. LOL

  8. prowriter0923 says

    I saw this on Sportscenter and couldn’t wait to read what you thought.

    Another aweome article!

    Can’t wait for the exchange :)

  9. Mother F—ing Peavy! He does not ant to play 4 me? F–k him! I don’t need any woman o my f—ing team.

    Soxman knows me, and how I treat my kids.

  10. Mullet Kelly says

    See inpatient asses? He posted and a pretty damn good article at that. We love you Soxman.

  11. Myspace mike says

    Sorry soxman. I was just excited. You are the best writer on the net.

  12. crazy Asian says

    Sorry soxman. I think Peavy is going to stay with the Padres. Very well written piece though.

  13. Soxman Stalker says

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  14. Nikki Sixx says

    Wow… great news and awesome take on fixing the Sox LOL.

  15. Blog Boy says

    Sorry soxman, Cubs fans were just giving me crap about this trade and I was pissed whne I saw you didn’t write about it. thank man for coming through.

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  17. Happy Man says

    Awesome write-up. Is the trade going to happen or not?

  18. Melissa W. says

    Heard this while at a PRSA luncheon and conference…glad you’re on it for us Soxman! This is breaking news commentary at its best!

  19. Cubby blue says

    Soxman I actually love your work. Much better than that Mouthpiece sports garbage, but Peavy will likely fall though for you guys like he did 4 us. He’s afraid to make a change.

    Good luck to you guys…until you play us.

  20. Heidi Hot Sox says

    THX for the awesome update Soxman! We love your perspectives.

  21. Thanks for the breakdown Soxman. Would love to see him on the southside. He’s an all-star like you brother!

  22. paulmbanks says

    See I told you guys, he had something in the works, and the update would get posted. Too bad Peavy has no interest in coming here……I guess.

    On a day we are getting destroyed by the Twins 20-0, and something hopeful happens…well maybe a deal could still get done.

  23. Sweet Lou says

    Have 2 agree. Soxman is good. The mouthpiece sports gal focuses more on more ways than one, rather than content. Still Soxman, i’d rather cuddle with her at night than you, which I know goes against most ladies. Would just ant to borrow your latex. :)

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    Ha ha! The Mouthpiece bashing is hilarious!I’m not going to say that that site sucks ass or anything, but I’m certainly not going to censor anyone else from doing it

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    Like I said, I’m not going to bash a rival or competitor site, but if you guys want to please go right ahead

  26. Paul Schmidt says

    It’s more that he doesn’t want to pitch for an AL team…but to not ask for Gordon Beckham…seems like the asking price for Peavy has dropped.

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