Sox fans, watch MLB Network “The Club” Tonight!


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To see what Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham had to say about The Club, and if he’ll watch it or not, check out my exclusive with him here

I’ve always said that Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen would make the best reality star a television producer could ever imagine; mostly because everyday he already does what pretty much every reality “star” does- exaggerate his behavior for the cameras. It’s called the Hawthorne Effect- people change who they really are when they know they’re being watched. And that’s a vital part of Ozzie’s charm and charisma.

After he’s done addressing the media 2.5 hours before the start of each game in the dugout, the cameras and microphones are turned off, and then the fun REALLY begins: the true genius of Ozzie’s personality comes out.

Don’t believe me? Well, remember his extending his arms out wide gesture (to say hey, send the fat guy in to pitch) when signalling to the pen for closer Bobby Jenks? That hilariously over-the-top act happened in the World Series, when the lights were the brightest. And now MLB Network is giving him another stage.

By Paul M. Banks


What makes this one so special is Ozzie cast as part of a love/hate/love to hate/hate to love triangle of sorts. The series centers around a very intriguing triad. The original press release is below with more details. Note the series start date has been changed from July 4th to July 18th.

Damn! I wish it premiered THIS Sunday. “That’s Horses***,” as Ozzie would say.

MLB Network today announced that Chicago White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, General Manager Ken Williams and Manager Ozzie Guillen will be featured in The Club, an original reality series produced for MLB Network by MLB Productions that will air this summer. As a follow up to 2009’s The Pen featuring the Philadelphia Phillies’ bullpen, The Club will follow Reinsdorf, Williams and Guillen with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to a Major League Baseball club’s front office. The Club is scheduled to premiere on MLB Network on Sunday, July 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Throughout each episode, The Club will focus on the realities and challenges both on and off the field for the men who run one of MLB’s most storied franchises. Beginning this month through to the Trade Deadline on July 31, MLB Productions’ cameras will capture footage at the club’s Spring Training camp in Arizona, during roster meetings, on Opening Day, on the road for away games and to get a look at Reinsdorf, Williams and Guillen away from the ballpark. The series will also feature personnel who work within the front office, including Assistant General Manager Rick Hahn, Pitching Coach Don Cooper and Batting Coach Greg Walker.

“The success of The Pen last season showed that fans want to learn more about their favorite teams, players and managers on and off the field,” said Tony Petitti, president and CEO of MLB Network. “This season we’ll give fans unprecedented access to one of the most dynamic managers and front office staffs in Major League Baseball.”

“The core of our baseball operations staff has been together now for many years,” said Ken Williams, White Sox general manager. “The White Sox can be described pretty accurately as a family, even down to the unique relationships we all enjoy with one another. We understand that fans want a glimpse inside a baseball club’s front office, want to see how decisions are made and want to watch as a spring training roster comes together to form a team. We hope The Club provides that type of insight into the White Sox this summer for baseball fans.”

The Club is produced by MLB Productions. Gary Waksman is the Lead Producer, Robert Haddad is the Coordinating Producer, and David Check is the Executive Producer. Throughout production, Haddad will post video blogs following each shoot to the MLB Productions website.

“It’s our goal to come up with new ways to give fans behind-the-scenes access to Major League Baseball clubs and its players,” said David Gavant, Executive in charge of Production and Vice President, MLB Productions. “With The Club, our second reality-based series, we will give viewers an exclusive look into the daily lives of the White Sox front office staff both on and off the field.”

The Club is the fifth series produced for MLB Network by MLB Productions, following Prime 9, Baseball Seasons, Triumph & Tragedy and The Pen.


  1. jerry parks says

    My comment is this who wants to see the New York Yankees win every year. That makes it boring for everyone but Yankee fans. Come on Pro baseball set salary limits for every team and make sure they are all the same. The Yankees are very boring becsue they buy their talent and do not develop most of their stars. I am thinking that baseball may be better off for fans if the Yankees disappeared. Let’s let New York have their own league and the rest of us will enjoy baseball as it has been thorought out history. I can not stand to see any one buy their dominance in any sport.

  2. The White Sox are a very entertaining team to watch. Hopefully Ozzie and Kenny Williams can create a team sometime in the near future that can beat Minnesota and get past the 1st round of the playoffs.

    2010: Can’t beat Minnesota, despite several chances to win-finish 6 games behind.

    2009: Not a good year

    2008: Beat Minnesota with tiebreaker game 163, but lose in 1st round of playoffs to Tampa Bay.

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