A sit-down with Laurence Holmes (Part Two)

Laurence Holmes

I got the chance to sit down with WSCR The Score and 120 Sports ‘Morning Run’ host Laurence Holmes prior to the launch of the new morning show from 120 Sports. This is part two of two in which Laurence and I delve into his career, going national, and how Chicago is more than just home to him. You can read part one here.

Jeff Hicks: What’s been keeping you around Chicago? You’ve been busy with The Score, you recently joined NBC Chicago and now 120 Sports. What about you wants to do all of this and be this busy? [Read more…]

Chicago Businessmen And The Future Of The NHL

hockey cheerleader


Within the last couple weeks, wealthy Chicago area businessmen have been connected to different stories regarding potential ownership of an NHL franchise.  Matthew Hulsizer, CEO of Chicago-based Peak6 Investments LP, has been involved in talks about the Phoenix Coyotes for more than a year.  Don Levin, owner of the AHL Chicago Wolves, is possibly developing a NHL caliber arena in a new, untapped professional hockey market.  To find out how all this Chicago money could impact the NHL, continue after the jump.

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There’s an Additional Reinsdorf Sheriff in Chicago Bulls Town

chicago bulls dancers

The Chicago Bulls today named Michael Reinsdorf President and Chief Operating Officer.  In the newly created position, Michael will oversee all business operations for the team and report to Jerry Reinsdorf, who will remain in his position as Chairman of the Board.  General Manager Gar Forman and all of Basketball Operations will continue to report to Jerry Reinsdorf.

“Naming Michael President and COO reflects a natural progression of his growing role in the Bulls business organization, and publicly recognizes his contributions to the team,” said Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.  “I am proud of his accomplishments with the team, and in his own sports ventures, and believe his knowledge and experience will only strengthen what is an already solid management team.”

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Sox fans, watch MLB Network “The Club” Tonight!

ozzie guillen white sox

To see what Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham had to say about The Club, and if he’ll watch it or not, check out my exclusive with him here

I’ve always said that Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen would make the best reality star a television producer could ever imagine; mostly because everyday he already does what pretty much every reality “star” does- exaggerate his behavior for the cameras. It’s called the Hawthorne Effect- people change who they really are when they know they’re being watched. And that’s a vital part of Ozzie’s charm and charisma.

After he’s done addressing the media 2.5 hours before the start of each game in the dugout, the cameras and microphones are turned off, and then the fun REALLY begins: the true genius of Ozzie’s personality comes out.

Don’t believe me? Well, remember his extending his arms out wide gesture (to say hey, send the fat guy in to pitch) when signalling to the pen for closer Bobby Jenks? That hilariously over-the-top act happened in the World Series, when the lights were the brightest. And now MLB Network is giving him another stage.

By Paul M. Banks

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