Five reasons why Ndamukong Suh will stay with the Lions


Ndamukong Suh detroit lions

In the NFL, top players rarely hit the market. It’s even rarer that they hit the market in their prime. Following the 2014 season, Ndamukong Suh may be hitting the free agent market. The mammoth defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions is slated to become a free agent if he doesn’t come to an extension agreement with the team. In just four seasons, Suh has been dominant.

He is the focal point of the Lions defense and has made the Pro Bowl three years. It hasn’t all been good for Suh though. He has been fined over $200,000 in his career for a variety of dirty moves on the field.

Here are five reasons why he will be back with the Lions in 2015 though:


1.  He is an All-Pro talent

Suh’s talent level is at the top of the league and he is one of the most disruptive forces on the defensive line in the NFL. Without Suh, the Lions defense would go into a complete tailspin. He frees up other players by being constantly double-teamed. Suh has put up over 25 sacks in just four seasons and made three Pro Bowls. Players like him don’t grow on trees. If he hits the open market, he will command a giant contract. The Lions can’t let their best defensive player leave town.

2.  He is young and in his prime

If Suh were to hit free agency, he will have just turned 28 years old. He is in his prime and still young. With his immense talent and relative youth, the Lions would be foolish to let him go. Another team would love to scoff him up because he makes your defense worlds better.

3.  Talent trumps distractions

Yes, Suh has been a distraction with his dirty play on the field. He is one of the NFL’s most at-risk players and voted the dirtiest among players. These are all concerns for the Lions going forward. However, in the end, talent wins out. Suh is not committing crimes off the field like Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy or the number of other players that have been arrested. He is competitive and sometimes his emotions get the best of him. However, he is a top talent and unless he starts committing crimes off the field, he is not a big enough distraction to let go of.

Rodgers vs. Suh

4.  Lions are tired of losing

Detroit is not one of the league’s most successful franchises. They had a taste of the playoffs in 2011, but they have consistently been one of the league’s worst teams in the past few decades. Detroit is a proud city and love their Lions. They hate losing though. If the Lions were to get rid of Suh, they would not be better. For them to win and get back to the playoffs, they need their top defensive tackle.

5.  Salary cap increase

The Lions will have plenty of cap space to sign Suh. The NFL’s salary cap is expected to increase to up to $140 million in 2015 and possibly up to $160 million in 2016. These massive increases make signing Suh to a long-term deal much easier.

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